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leach87 04-04-2013 08:26 PM

Bogging down, losing power!!
Okay folks. Ran into a problem the pother day. I was riding down the road and my jeep (92 yj 2.5, 5speed) decided to act like it was running out of gas. MY gas gauge does not work so I have run out of gas a few times in it and know exactly how it feels. The problem is, i had just put 20 bucks in it. Well, i went to the parts house to get some throttle body cleaner. Sprayed it out and went to bed. Got up the next morning PRAYING it was not going to do it again and then bam!! Cruising in 5th gear goin about 65 it started losing power and bogging down. Idles fine, starts right up, replaced plugs, wires, and cap a few months ago but still just bogs down. Got a new fuel filter...still nothing. Searched the threads for 2 days straight for any help and narrowed it down to O2 sensor. Checked for error codes and the O2 sensor error code blinked. Well surely I got it figured out. NO DICE!! put a new O2 sensor hoping for the best and then on my way home can't seem to get over 45-50 mph. 5th gear---useless...Okay at my whits end, I went out to my garage tonight, checked my vacuum lines again, looked closely at my throttle body and then there it was...ran my hand along my vacuum hose to my map sensor and felt it. I hole, but not just any hole. I was wiring up my KC's last week or so and ran some wires backwards and one burnt to a crisp. Wll in the process melted a hole in my vacuum line. WOW...Well, I put some electric tape on it tonight. I guess I'll know tomorrow on my way to work!! Its really nasty out right now (45 with wind and rain) and my top is off. I also just remebered when I checked the error codes with the CEL it showed it was also running lean. I hope I solved my problem, and I hope someone else can make use of this post.

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