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2JeepsThatRun 04-08-2013 09:28 PM

Tire carrier out of stock tailgate hinges?
Has anyone thought about using the hinge mounts that hold the stock tailgate to the body for a custom swing out tire carrier after a drop tailgate conversion.

0III0forlife 04-13-2013 05:29 PM

Although it sounds like a good idea...

Hate to rain on your parade, but it wont work. The stock hinges are just mounted in the sheet metal of the body. They arent designed to have any more weight on them than the stock gate and tire set up.

They will be destroyed just as fast as putting a bigger tire on the stock gate, and then you will have to deal with fixing the body, and in that area it isnt the easiest fix if you want it done correctly.

2JeepsThatRun 04-13-2013 05:51 PM

I was just wondering I don't have a drop gate just wondered if any one had tried it.

GoldenSahara00 04-14-2013 12:33 AM

It actually could work, since you could take the weight off it with a good latch setup for the swing out when closed, and your losing the tailgate weight, so could add some weight for the carrier materials. Maybe not the best idea. You could also reenforce the hinges and sheet metal with a backing plate, but I am not sure how you would get into the in there to do so.

Diverdown87 04-18-2013 01:01 PM

Don't really see why it wouldn't work. Early Broncos, some Isuzus, and other SUV's had tub mounted tire swings. It would require more beef on the tub mounts.

As far as getting to the lower hinge to add a backing plate just go through the under side of the wheel well. Possible relocation of the vac can if it is there and needed to be moved.

Istildo 04-28-2013 11:24 PM

I had thought about the same things.

I picked up a tire carrier off a Nissan pathfinder. I wanted to use the tailgate hinges but the carrier was too tall.

What I needed up doing is making my own by wheel using a casters. The weight of the carrier is held by the pathfinders factory lock that I welding to the bumper. I also reinforced the caster by adding a steel plate and then a bracket that is help in place to the roll bar.

I mounted a 32 with out a problem. It's been on for over a year and there's no rattles or hint of it breaking off.

Think it thru, reinforce it and enjoy it


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