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SSGBulldawg 04-09-2013 12:30 AM

Just tryin to do a roll call for Jeep guys and gals in NWA or close. New to this forum, part of another 4x4 forum but it's not a wrangler only one lol. I'm from Fayettnam, where's everyone else from?

Chief90 04-11-2013 11:43 PM

I just moved to NWA from kansas city and just bought a new jeep as well. im in springdale.

SSGBulldawg 04-12-2013 06:03 AM

Right on brother! What'd ya get?

Chief90 04-14-2013 11:37 AM

2013 wrangler 2 door sport

jmcc75 04-14-2013 05:01 PM

Welcome to the natural state and WF

Chief90 04-14-2013 06:53 PM

yea im enjoying it down here. ready to start trickin out my new ride also.

jmcc75 04-15-2013 07:13 AM

well everyone here is helpful and handy with a wrench so if you need help just buy some beer and we'll show up:thumb:

Chief90 04-15-2013 04:45 PM

I wish it was that easy. Like i said i just moved here. I live in an aparment so i dont have anywhere to even work on things.

jmcc75 04-25-2013 04:48 PM

I'm sure someone will volunteer some driveway space

Rob1957 05-03-2013 11:25 PM

Bentonville here.

thee dangle 05-08-2013 01:25 AM

Springdale (Bethel Heights) here, just bought my Jeep today!

jmcc75 05-08-2013 02:58 AM

Welcome bud. Guys I can't wait to get back home and do some wheelin where it's legal. NY isn't a big fan of using jeeps for their intended purpose:\

SSGBulldawg 05-08-2013 11:14 PM

We nee a NWA meet and wheeling weekend sometime soon!

jmcc75 05-09-2013 12:03 AM

When and where is all I need to know

SSGBulldawg 05-09-2013 11:09 PM

Maybe sometime next month.... Ill See if wheeling world in eureka, or super lift in hot springs is having anything going on?

scokes 07-17-2013 09:05 AM

I'm new in Rogers. My TJ is pretty much stock but that doesn't mean I don't like to get her dirty. I haven't taken her o/r up here mainly because I don't know where to go locally. I live on the lake so I'm sure there are trails close by somewhere, just haven't found them yet.

Always up for suggestions,

SSGBulldawg 07-17-2013 11:41 PM

Is this Saturday too soon for a get together? Maybe a run up to eureka?

scokes 07-19-2013 10:12 AM

Would love to, but my wife is a nurse and is working Saturday, which puts me on baby-sitting duty. Will have to pass this time, but hopefully we'll get together soon.


jmcc75 07-20-2013 11:09 AM

That's what the back seat if for brother:thumb: and if you don't have enough room I'm sure someone would spare a chair lol

SSGBulldawg 07-20-2013 07:26 PM

Yeah well today was abuts anyways.... I'm goin to make a FB group for NWA wranglers ill post it in a bit. So everyone can join and be in contact easier.

SSGBulldawg 07-21-2013 12:05 AM

Okay y'all it's a open group in Facebook called NWA Wranglers

Get your jeep on 07-28-2013 12:54 PM

Centerton here.

Jeepin9910 08-14-2013 12:48 PM

Springdale here. Is the Facebook group still open cuz I looked for it but found nothing.

SSGBulldawg 08-14-2013 12:50 PM

NWA Wranglers is the group. Noone else has joined though lol

Rob1957 08-14-2013 02:28 PM

I looked for Nwa on Facebook also and didn't find it.

SSGBulldawg 08-14-2013 02:30 PM

Hmm well I wonder why.... It's an open group.... :-s

Jeepin9910 08-14-2013 06:14 PM

Yeah I even went on the computer thinkin that maybe it was the app not letting me find it but no dice. Even had the wife look on hers and nada. I've been lookin for some people to try and get together to go but there are like 3 Jeeps around that wave so I haven't even bothered.

SSGBulldawg 08-14-2013 06:16 PM

Well have the ole wifey make a page for us lol maybe I did it wrong... I did make it from the app. Yeah in Fay there's about 6-10 that ALWAYS exchange waves with me.

Jeepin9910 08-14-2013 07:58 PM


Originally Posted by SSGBulldawg (Post 4078885)
Well have the ole wifey make a page for us lol maybe I did it wrong... I did make it from the app. Yeah in Fay there's about 6-10 that ALWAYS exchange waves with me.

LUCKY!! Yeah I'll have her work on for us. :-) ill let y'all know when it's up.

Jeepin9910 08-14-2013 11:49 PM

Well I was lookin around on Facebook and found the NWA Jeep clubs website and joined it instead of making another group. I know a guy that always bring his Jeep for me to work on is in it so I figured I would join. Y'all should join too. They do a lot of group get togethers. Oh and if y'all need anyone to do tire work or lube services on your Jeeps just swing by the Springdale Walmart and see me. I know some people has horror stories from Walmart but let me reassure you that I've been doing this for 6 1/2 years and NEVER messed anyone's vehicle up. Plus I'm the only one there that LOVES Jeeps and ain't scared to balance big tires lol.


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