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maxmac 07-21-2006 10:36 AM

TJ "check guages" warning light buzzer.
I recently bought a 98 TJ 2.5 litre.It runs very well and is in great condition.However,after coming to a standstill after driving,the 'check gauges' light comes on and the warning sound bleeps.Carry on and it returns to normal.The oil pressure gauge drops and returns as well but the oil level is fine. Anyone with any ideas I would apprec:confused: iate it?

JeepCrawler98 07-21-2006 11:30 AM

Do all gauges drop? what about when you smack the top of the gauge cluster with your fist - does it fix it? If so it's the typical crappy cluster connector problem that TJ's have.

eprovenzano 07-21-2006 12:32 PM

I'm finding the gauges are not the best... My son's 97, 2.5 has the same problem. So far I've changes the oil sending unit, and the oil pump. Still have the same problem as you. I think the guage is faulty. I'm going to put a mechanical oil pressue guage on it to find the true oil pressure. I hope to get to it early next week, I'll post the results.

Jerry Bransford 07-21-2006 06:22 PM

Guaranteed to just be a bad oil pressure sender unit mounted next to the oil filter. They commonly go bad but once replaced, seem fine afterwards. It happened to me late one night in the middle of the desert and I thought my engine was going to blow 25 miles from civilization. :eek:

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