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Lynskey 04-09-2013 10:12 PM

Proximity Sensor/Alarm Install Log
Day 1:

I finally started the project. My goal is to have a motion sensor in the Jeep for days/times when the top is off and the Jeep is parked. I never leave the Jeep in shady places so this is really for times like going to the beach or just days when the top is off.

To start off I purchased a DEI 508D Proximity sensor. I had all the wiring, relays, connectors etc as I do a lot of electrical stuff on my vehicles. I grabbed a siren/horn from the local sound place.

Now depending on how the install goes will determine if I just use one stage to trigger the siren or add the other stage to trigger the factory alarm. I am setting up the electronics to go with both and setting up just the siren first.

I will install 2 relays to control the system. One is a 5-pin and the other is a 4-pin. In short the 5-pin relay is in place to only send power to the proximity sensor when the power is off. Yomondo was the originator of the idea and it is exactly what I would have done. You can see that here:

Borrowed from Yomondo's post:

So the 5-pin relay will supply constant power to the sensor and kill power when the key is on and switched power reaches the 5-pin realy and kills the power. Pull the key out, switch power goes off and the relay flips back to powering the prox sensor. The manual in place is to turn off the power completely to the system which renders the sensor off at all times. Fairly neat trick.

The 4-pin relay is my approach to triggering the siren. Using the green wire from the sensor, this will be my "ground" for the 4-pin relay. The 4-pin relay basically flips on and allows +12v to be continued. It works by either providing +12v or a ground as the "trigger". This relay will have constant power connected to one pin and the green wire from the sensor as the ground. Then when flipped on it will send +12v to the siren (which is grounded). So a pulse of the signal from the sensor triggers the relay to flip on for a short duration (500Ms) which creates the "chirp".

The only catch for this approach is that the sensor will chirp until the key is installed and switched power is active. So when the system is armed, and I want to actually get in the Jeep, the siren will chirp until I start the vehicle. Or until I turn the switch off inside the center console. Personally I don't mind that. I can live with it chirping once or twice until I start the vehicle. Plus 99% of the time it will be off completely.

Now I could go the route that Yomondo and DNSDMNS did and just tie into the rear tailgate trigger for the factory alarm. Since the factory alarm will turn off the factory trigger, the prox sensor signal will basically go nowhere and unlocking the door with the Jeep key will make it work flawlessly.

Why do all this? Couple of reasons. 1) I hate having another key fob for a viper install. The factory key is more than enough. Don't want that. 2) Total cost was about $60 for the sensor and siren. I had everything else. 3) It is fun. 4) Just have a chirp to help wart off scumbags.

Here are some shots of the progress:

I hid the sensor in the top of the center console. Pulling off the insert revealed a nice spot to mount:

With the insert back in, you can barely see it:

Next was the siren install. I chose this location as it was open and easy to mount. Ran the +12v into the cabin using a second loom run. The other loom run there has my fog light switch power and other stuff. It was just faster to run a second run than add to this one. I tend to install stuff to last and taking it apart would be timely.

Inside of the center console I put in the switch that will deactivate the system. Im not going to use the illumination, just had the switch already so it went to good use:

On the backside of the console I found perfect mounting locations for the 2 relays. Not sure why, but there were 2 factory mounting spots there. Probably something for the 4-doors. The wire bundle is from the prox sensor:

That is about it for today. More to come...

woansleftpeg 04-10-2013 08:33 PM

Thanks for this, Lynskey - with the amount of money I appear to be pouring into my ICE, this is high on my list of priorities. I will watch this thread with interest.....

AZikas86 04-10-2013 08:43 PM

^x2 Can't wait till you're done I will def do this! Thanks!

Lynskey 04-13-2013 08:31 PM

Day 2:

I wrapped up the project today. Really not much for pics as all I did was wire up the relays. I ran power to the console, connected the switched +12v and constant, ground, etc. Most of the time was routing the power from under the dash where I had all of my other electronic sources.

All in all it works flawlessly. I use the 1st warning (green wire) to trigger the siren. My initial adjustment has it set just right with the doors on I tried to enter from multiple angles and it fires off as expected. I will have to play with it one the top and doors are off but for now it is perfect.

Going to leave it as is for now. At least if someone tried to get in the soft top it will alarm. Ill post up a vid soon of the view.

woansleftpeg 04-13-2013 08:33 PM

Thanks, Lynskey. I ordered my proximity sensor yesterday, so I'll have a go at it in the next couple of weeks.

Lynskey 04-13-2013 09:26 PM

Fairly simple install. The worst part of the whole project was yanking the factory plugs from the lower foot panels. They are brutal to remove. Each side has like 9 of them and they just suck to pull. My fingers are busted up from them and cutting and splicing wires.

yomondo 09-25-2013 10:41 AM

Hey Lynskey, I just saw this thread. Nice job! I'd like to put that green "First-stage Warn-Away output" wire to use someday, but just never have gotten around to it. Thanks for verifying that it's doable. :thumb:

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