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racer-xerols 11-25-2008 09:10 AM

Windshield STILL leaks
I just put in a new cowl seal, and cleaned/sealed all the rust on top of the dash so it has a smooth surface to contact when the windshield is up. Windshield frame, and tub cowl, were both rust free and solid (the rust was the dashboard sheetmetal, where it covers the top edge of the tub).

Driving in the rain last night, it leaked at both ends. Which I guess is good, compared to how it used to leak (in the middle, behind the dash, killing radios). At least I have the dash sealed to the tub again, lol.

I'm thinking of a heavy bead of Ultra Black RTV (because I have it) along where the seal meets the windshield frame, then bolt the seal to the frame, then a bead along the top of the tub, and put the windshield up. I never run with it down anyway - if I need bugs in my teeth, I get on one of my motorcycles.

Anyone have experience with this, or thoughts on whether it'll work? I don't mind wet feet (it is a Jeep, after all), I just don't want to start shorting out electrical stuff in the dash again.

jeeperman 11-25-2008 09:21 AM

You are sure that it is leaking along the bottom of the windshield? Not through your heater vents? If so, you may have a tweaked frame, or cowl. I don't see anything wrong with using RTV to seal it, but you shouldn't have to, you are just masking another problem.

racer-xerols 11-27-2008 09:21 AM

Yeah, it was coming from the gap between the metal windshield frame and the plastic top of the dash pad, vents were dry and so was everything under-dash - it was travelling along the dash to the ends, and running down both speakers.

The Jeep's never been hit and the hinges look to be OEM (still factory paint on the screws) so it looks like it's the factory windshield ass'y on there.

I'm pretty sure I got it knocked with the RTV, but it hasn't rained since I did it so nothing for sure yet. And, it's too cold out for me to turn the hose on - I'd forget it's on and freeze the spigot, lol.

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