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saylorv 04-11-2013 07:36 AM

Cracked transfer case rebuild help
So, here's the story...
I cracked my tcase in half doing less than an honorable stunt... I went to the bone yard, pulled one out of a ZJ. Tore it apart, swaped the inputs, using the one out of the cracked YJ into the ZJ case. Figured it would be an easy swap. Installed the new case, it shifted into/out of 4x4 fine, everything was golden, but over 25 mph, it whines. I had ATF in it at first, I drained that, put 80W90 in it. Still same whine. I now have the Tcase out and taken apart. I checked all the bearings, they all seemed fine. However, when I spun the input shaft around in the tcase, it had the same whine to it like it did when I was driving. I pulled the input out, spun all the planetaries, they all are fine. It just seems like when they're spinning within the ring in the casing, thats when I get that whine. Is it the ring or input? I'm lost. I have got to have this DD back up and going. Please help


OverkillYJ 04-11-2013 10:22 AM

First off you should be running ATF, not oil. As far as the input, you need to research exactly what two cases you put together. The planetary gears are not all cut the same. If you turn them by hand and have the wrong planetary gear/input combination it will look perfectly fine. It is not until they are under power you will hear problems.

I learned this the hard way swapping an input to my TC from another TC. Everything looked perfect. Put it back together and right away I knew something was wrong. I looked into it and most people dont know about this problem, but it does exist.

2xs 04-11-2013 04:36 PM

There is an early cut and later cut on those planetary gears, I ran into this swaping the input gear from a 02 liberty into a 93 cherokee tcase.

Thsi is mentioned on the Novak weboste:

The Jeep New Process / NVG 231 Transfer Case

OverkillYJ 04-11-2013 04:56 PM

What caught me was getting a 92 TC to swap the gear into my 95

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