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4wheelfurry 04-11-2013 03:17 PM

Going Smoothe
In the rear that is!

My gate was messed up anyway from a crash and it was trying to tear apart where it is put together, the gate had no structrical integrety anymore. Basically I needed to shead the spare tire weight in order to save the gate, with the tire off the gate was all out of shape so my remody was easy; take a sheet of plate steel, cut it to the exact size of the flat section of the gate (not up top where it angles inward leave that out). Mark and cut out the latch and hinge holes. Weld onto the entire face of the gate. Smoothe out the welds around the sides, body filler around the welds and up top where it merges back into the angled section. Finally prep/paint! You can not tell it is an overlay, the angled top peice has a slight different angle compared to factory but you can not see it unless its pointed out. It added about 8lbs to the gate just a fraction of what the spare was! One evening of work and one evening of paint. I like it!!

MississippiDirtTJ 04-11-2013 09:25 PM


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