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ajacks101 07-21-2006 08:20 PM

Passenger front seat won't flip forward
I had the service dept look at it today and they said it was a broken cable that would cost $330 for them to replace (and that in itself for them to look at it was $90) that insane?

anyone ever had this problem and fixed it themselves? not sure how involved it would be to take the seat out and even if i did that, i dunno if i'd be able to isolate the problem and find the right parts to fix it.

ive already JustEmptiedEveryPocket buying fun stuff, I dont have the money for this, but I guess if I have to I have to. I thought even a whole new seat would cost less than 300 bucks!?!?!?!?

amerijeep 07-21-2006 09:04 PM

I don't know how to fix, but you can replace the seat for less than $330, I think...

khenderson 07-21-2006 09:33 PM

there is a cable that runs from the little pull tab in your seat through the seat and down onto a lever underneath the seat. if you can contort yourself to see under the seat and then slide if forward you can see how it all works. but it would be a pretty easy fix to get some wire and clamp it to the existing wire and run it to the pull tab. i just slide the seat forward then press the lever underneath the seat and it flips forward. pretty easy to do once you know what your doing.

mrbigjeep 07-21-2006 10:20 PM

seriously...if you can't fix it some how then like amerijeep can probably get a new seat for less than that :)

ajacks101 07-22-2006 04:38 AM

tomorrow i'm gonna remove the rear seat and get myself under there and look around....i have the FSM on CD so we'll see if I'm smart enough to figure out whats going on with it....last time i did it with the top down and it was just too hot so i gave up, this time the top will be on with the A/C goin full blast maybe i'll have a bit more patience with it that way (but i'll probably end up spending 300 bucks in gas running the engine with the A/C on while i figure it out LOL)

thanks for the replies guys :-)

LastChild69 07-22-2006 09:30 AM

I just did this 2 weeks ago, you can do it yourself. Remove the pass seat, 3 bolts, an one torx, then look under to see if the 2 cables are connected there, if they are, remove the covering for the back of seat, it clips together where the seat folds (top and bottom meet) keep working it up, you should see the cables running up the back of the seat, follow them up to the pull tab (mine has a lever it's a 03) you have to remove the tab or lever cover to get the seat cover off at the top, from there you should be able to see what the problems is. On mine the cable pulled through the lever mount (it's only plastic) I was able to reconneted it and add 4 small c-clips (2 on each cable under plastic) to act like a support. Spray some lube into the cables, mines works better now then it did new. It hard to explain this in words but it can be done at home, even if you need a new attachment point or cables it still cheaper than the dealer. HTH good luck

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