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u_konreaper 04-12-2013 09:28 PM

Bluetooth Install: aka iSimple Tranzit Blu
So I was toying with the idea of installing a new radio for my 04 Rubicon, but I didn't want something that looked out of place. I thought about doing the RB1 for the nav, but that is pretty crappy from what I hear and not worth the hassle in the long run. Besides, it drives me nuts that Chrysler uses a CD for it and that alone costs around $100. Come on man!!! So I decided if I always have my iPhone with me and unlimited data (sort of) why not use it to my advantage. It sucks when you are out in the middle of nowhere, but I also have 64GB of memory on it to fill with songs. I settled on the iSimple tranzit Blu bluetooth FM modulator (not a transmitter since it is hardwired through the antenna). I looked everywhere for some insight on how to install this. The box itself was worthless! It looked like a 5th grader drew some pictures and put a couple smiley faces on it. I prefer pictures and step by step instructions. On our vast internet none were to be found. So after using several sites to piece together my information I finally got the job done. I had a bunch of pictures, but restored my iphone before I could pull them off. Don't even ask.....
What you will need:
1. iSimple Tranzit Blu $58.00 (get the android version as it is exactly the same but cheaper!!!) link: iSimple ISFM21 TranzIt Universal Bluetooth Enabled FM Transmitter Car Kit for Android Devices, Blue: Car Electronics
2. Bussmann ATM Fuse Tap - 10 Amps $6.99 Link: Buy Bussmann ATM Fuse Tap - 10 Amps BP/HHH-RP at Advance Auto Parts
3. 2" of Heat shrink big enough to cover wire and electric terminal (1/4-3/8")
4. 1 noninsulated spade terminal end <$5 Link: NTE 76-ST16-10L - Non-Insulated Spade Terminal 16-14AWG |
5. Chrsyler, Jeep antenna adapter kit $13 Link: Car Radio Antenna Adapter Kit Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, and Jeep 2002 & Up (BAA20 21, 40-CR30): Car Electronics

6. LOTS OF PATIENCE:banghead::facepalm:

Here's how I approached it and what I learned along the way.

There is a link for an aftermarket radio install:
This was great up to a point. I wasn't replacing it so 3/4 of the post was not related.
1.) Follow this up to removal of the glove box and the picture saying insert hand here. A little more detail is needed to be successful here. You are feeling around for a nut on the back passenger side. It is 10mm. It will drive you crazy for a minute or two, but it comes off easy enough. It secures the radio during turbulent travel:)
2.) Disconnect radio harness and antenna.
3.) Now the headache of how to wire this. As I said earlier the package and insert was useless. Take the bussman fuse tap and insert it into the radio fuse (#14 on the fuse block). Attach the power (red) for the bluetooth unit to the fuse tap with a piece of heat shrink to cover the butt splice.
4. When you took off the glove box you exposed a bunch of black screws that hold the plastic fascia of the dash firmly in place. I chose the Left lower screw to use as a ground (this is the same as Stu's website for an FM modulator). Use the spade terminal inserted between the plastic and metal with the heat shrink to cover the crimped area. Tighten up the screw and you are grounded.
5. Back to the fuse tap. I installed two 10A fuses since the bluetooth unit itself came with an inline fuse of 2 or 3A.
6. Reconnect your antenna with the adapters to the head unit and to the bluetooth unit and the antenna. Put the head unit back up close enough to reconnect the wire harness.
7. Select the auto setting on the bluetooth unit. There are actual instructions in the manual for this!!! I was shocked:)
8. Reconnect the negative terminal to battery
9. Download your version of the app (both are available on Android and App Store FREE!!
10. Go to your bluetooth settings and open it. You should see the isimple show up once you turn the ignition. Connect to it.
11. Open the app and select a radio station of your choice. Tune it in on your radio.
12. Start enjoying cord free, automatic pairing music everytime you get in your car. All you have to do is hit play. No more wires to look at.:whistling:

Sorry again for no pics. But I think with the above instructions and some link following you will get this done far faster than I did and with fewer headaches.
For those of you ready to hit the reply button about the fuse tap in. I used the same source for the radio power and there is ZERO interference. It sounds great at idle or roaring down the highway. I wanted this accessory on a switched outlet so it wouldn't draw on my battery if left on. so far so good.

Note: There is an option for a manual switch that lets you turn it on and off. I held off on doing this just because I would have to drill a hole somewhere. I have places to do this, but I don't want to commit until it is a little more tried and true.

u_konreaper 05-21-2013 02:22 PM

So I thought I would offer an update after a month's worth of use. So far it works just as advertised. I leave the app on auto which turns the unit on whenever my phone is nearby and the ignition is on. This has worked pretty seamlessly. I used it in the manual on off mode on the app, but I had to re-pair the device too often. Auto is the way to go. If I turn my Bluetooth off it goes right to radio and I can listen to fm or am. I'd highly recommend this to anyone who likes using Internet radio or MP3 player and wants an easy way to get that feature but keep stock appearance. There's no reason for anyone to break into my jeep that they can see.

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