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Kgroffen 04-14-2013 09:09 PM

New to the Jeep
So I've had the jeep bug for years and finally broke down and bought one, an '01 Wrangler Sport, 98k miles good condition. Previous owner did most of his own work etc. I don't know where to begin with questions as I want to modify it as soon as possible. At the moment it's relatively stock in terms of no lift, not entirely off-road ready but the guy did at least put in a really decent sound system. Here's my first question: what should my first toolkit for working on it be/contain? I want to start changing my own oil and learn about the mechanics of jeeps but have no idea where to start. I want to save $ and be able to do my own work...where do I start?

Ianbeaulieu 04-15-2013 01:41 AM

get a manual for one, its all pretty simple but make sure it is all sound before getting into lift and big tires

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