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Smgchandler 04-20-2013 12:18 PM

Stock antenna question
I'm new and this my first post so looking forward to having the site for info. I have a 97 tj. Great vehicle and a couple of years ago for some reason I put a stubby antenna on the jeep. Well I kept my stock antenna and now want to go back with it. Well I don't remember what wa there as far as adapter or anything but what I have now is the stock hole that the antenna screws in to and the stock antenna --- my problem is the hole is too big for the stock antenna. It won't even begin to tighten just falls in hole. I don't remember having to use an adapter of some sort but either what do I need in order to put my stock antenna back on?? Is ther a male female adapter that I have lost and if so what is it and where can it be had.. Also I ordered an adapter of some sort that won't work thinking this is what I need but it male threaded on both ends but I would need a male for the mount and female for the antenna. Any help or suggestions is appreciated

Smgchandler 04-23-2013 02:33 PM

well if no one knows the answer i guess i will order a used antenna assembly and that way i know the antenna will screw into the hole and if it has an adapter i can just swap out the antenna staff and use the adapter if it exist and i will post back to answer my own question just in case someone else has the same problem

Mytj03 04-23-2013 04:58 PM

You wanna send me your stubby?

Smgchandler 04-25-2013 03:12 PM

I will gladly send you my stubby if you can find the female to male adapter I need to put my stock antenna back on and free shipping to you !! Did the tj wranglers come with this adapter on them stock ??? Because in my mind I don't understand why the factory hole in factory mount and the factory antenna won't match threads -- the mount hole is definitely too big for the stock antenna so either the hole has been stretched or I am missing an adapter Let me know what you find

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