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95er 04-20-2013 05:31 PM

electrical problem of some sort, engine dies and now will not start
Here is the problem: I have a daily driver 95 4.0 and a month ago I started it up and the dash gauges were dead, I guess I did not notice until I was on the road. I went about 20 miles and when I stopped at a light, so did it. I had no lights, could not turn on hazards and barely enough juice to get a few clicks out of the igition. Now a few days prior to this, my office told me my lights were on and wipers too. I went to see WTH and found it with the radio, and wipers on. The ignition was turned off and the keys in my pocket. Obviously I thought there was a problem with the igniton switch. Putting these two events together, after being towed home I took out the ignition switch checked it and it checked ou good. I replaced anyways. With a jump it started fine and thought oh well its working again so good to go. However now, a month after that, I started it up one day and saw the check engine light. I normally shut it down and restart it and the light gone. Could not get the light to go away this time. I went about 5 miles and felt it going dead, sputtering and getting weak. I pulled into W world and shut it down to give it a rest. Started it, tried to start it I mean, half an hour later and it acted like the battery was going dead. I turned strong for a good while but would not start. I got a jump and it started but was real weak, drove to the parking locking exit and felt the power steering die and said oh boy. I got it turned around, over a curb and grass and embankment but back in the parking lot instead of in the road. So towed it home again. Now I have checked the fuse block, it looks as clean as new inside; the ignition switch was checked again and it checks good. I can jump start it an let it charge and it runs fine but when I try to start it own its own it feels like it is seizing or something and will not start. ANY SUGGESTIONS ARE WELCOME AND NEEDED.:cool:

Einfamus 04-20-2013 05:47 PM

It could be the alternator/generator . It most likely drained your battery. The battery most-likely recharged over night, but was drained again the following day. This would explain your dilemma.

0III0forlife 04-20-2013 05:50 PM

I would say obviously it needs a new battery to start with. and then you can start troubleshooting after that.

If the battery was drained completely and jump started, it could've welded some of the plates inside the battery case together. Thus, it works for awhile, but loses its charge quickly. Think about putting a gel battery in it, such as an Optima or something like that. There are many different brands of them out there now. The "siezeing" that you are hearing is probably from not having enough power to start and its just rolling slow.

95er 04-21-2013 03:02 AM

I am open to all and any suggestions, and thankfull for them as well. The battery and alternator are not going to solve this problem. The battery charges to 14.xx when running and stays at 12.xx for short while after shutting down but it is soon down to 7. Maybe an internal short in the ALT could cause that, but not likely since it happens pretty quick, minutes. There is a short / ground problem somewhere, I just do not know where or even how to find it. A new symptom that I just heard today. When I first put the igniton switch into "on" I am hearing some sort of hum from some where for a few secs. What is that or what does that mean. Its a more complicated problem than turning a wrench to change a part. I can turn and change all day everyday no questions asked; but this electrikill is questionable all day. Any common problems with alternator battery shorts that cause the radio and wipers to get power when the ignition is off a keys in pocket?

Wrangler Haven 04-22-2013 10:54 PM

That brief hum you hear when you switch to ignition on is the Idle Air Control (IAC) Motor activating. That is normal.
Now, no YJ should have headlights on when the dash headlight switch is off. If your lights are coming on by themselves with the switch off then you've got a major wiring problem. Same with the wipers. Bad wiring is no joke. It can wreak havoc on the entire vehicle. Look around under the dash for splices & taped wires. Suspect anything that doesn't look factory. Also, for the time being, disconnect ALL non essential accessories. Radios, amps, alarms, aftermarket lights ect. until you find out what's going on.

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