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ccain 12-02-2008 06:56 PM

Valve cover...
I need to vent so bear with me!!!

Venting starts NOW!!!

OK, this is retarded. I searched here and only found one thread that wasn't very helpful... I have searched high and low on Al Gores intrawebz and can't find a damn thing.

All I want is a damned 2.5 METAL valve cover. The POS plastic one is broken and leaking oil all over the engine... So why would I want to replace it with another plastic POS just to have to replace that one too?!

Someone somewhere HAS to make a metal replacement! If you can buy a chrome valve cover for a stupid ass honda then you should be able to buy a metal one for a Jeep!!! COME ON!!! :banghead:

End of vent!

There, that feels better! :D

I'll ask no matter how futile it is... Here goes... Anyone have any ideas where I can get one?

squarelightsahara 12-02-2008 08:37 PM

I have seen aluminum valve covers for the 4.0, but not for the 2.5. I would think somebody out there has to make one. Sorry, I am no help. I am curious to see if someone else can find one.

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