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rkwfxd 12-03-2008 07:30 AM

Credit Card Security Rant
So my wife and I have been using this GMAC card for a couple of years now. This weekend they call us about "unusual activity." I call them back on Sunday. When I call (from my home phone), they have caller id so they actually know it is me calling and they know my account # without me telling them. They ask me a couple of security questions to verify it is me. No problem. I also remind them that it is Christmas, I have been spending more than I usually do, I am going to continue to spend more than I usually do for a couple of weeks, I will continue to make bi-weekly payments via the internet, and I am nowhere near my limit. I thank them for their concern. They tell me it is all good, and then they try to sell me something. I'm not interested so I thank them again and hang up.

Two days later, the same thing but this time, instead of calling me they put a hold on my card. They send me an e-mail telling me to check my account and include a link to their site. I try to access my account via the internet. I KNOW they have my IP address so I know they (their server) knows it is my computer trying to access my account. I also have all the correct passwords - Note passwordS as in more than one. Yet they have me totally locked out. :crash:

So I call them, same thing, they know it is me via caller id before I even say anything. I verify it is me with all the personal information. However, I am unable to tell them what someone in my family purchased for 60 some bucks at some address on a nearby street. If you tell me the name of the store I might be able to help you but if you spout out some address and expect me to know what store is at that address in a community FULL of strip malls I can't help you. Additionally, I tell them that I don't care what was purchased there I am willing to accept the charges on my card and pay for the item whatever it is. :banghead:

So then they want me to go interrogate my wife and find out what she bought. It is CHRISTMAS! I don't want to know what she bought until I open it on CHRISTMAS morning.

Clearly the entry level worker on the phone can't understand so she says she will transfer me to someone that can help me and then she puts me on ignore, I mean hold. Nope, sorry, too pissed at this point and I am not waiting more than a minute. They don't pick up so I hang up.

I walk to the safe, pullout a 3" tall stack of credit cards that I have not even activated let alone used and pick one. I call that company, do a complete balance transfer from GMAC at 0% for the next year and they double my credit limit without me even asking.

I am all in favor of security but GMAC blew it this time. They went overboard and then failed to use any common sense when dealing directly with their customer. We put pretty much everything on that card so they made money from all of our purchases. Additionally, while I made bi-weekly payments to that card, lately I always seemed to carry a small balance so they made a bit of interest off of me. Not anymore and never again.

yjwrangler 12-03-2008 07:37 AM

sounds like they may have had a lot of trouble in the past, security wise...all those people are idiots i only use credit cards directly from my bank so when they f*)K up i can go ring there necks!!

jupiterboy 12-03-2008 07:39 AM

Try buying a house right now, moving bank accounts around and generally doing anything with money. It is all locked down, disinformation, road blocks. I have never seen banks put so many holds on accounts. I had to pull cash to buy my Jeep. You would have thought I was on a terrorist watch list or something. Paranoia in the banking system lives.

txjustin 12-03-2008 09:23 AM

Everyone make sure they look through every little paper when they get their credit card statements. I recently got a little paper saying they were going up on my APR unless I called and declined the amendment to do so. They were going up on my credit card from 7% to 22%. Keep in mind, I have had this card for 3 years and never had a late payment, the lady who I talked to verified this. If I do use the card the balance that is on there will succumb to a 22% APR so I just cancelled it in case I forget. The card in question was a Bank of America card and I never use it rather was keeping it because of the low APR that I had on it. Anyways, the point I am making is credit card companies are raising APR's and lowering credit limits on a lot of people with good or bad credit. My credit is pretty good as well.

squarelightsahara 12-03-2008 10:35 AM

I had the same experience with Bank of America. For no reason I received the same notice. I did exactly what you did. Watch your statements.

rkwfxd 12-03-2008 02:00 PM

All good advise. I had no trouble getting a loan for my jeep but I think that is because I used my credit union.

What really kills me is how they punish everybody. I have never been late on anything, I have already paid off two mortgages and when I checked a few weeks ago my credit score was a big fat round even 800. Yet I still have to jump through these hoops.

Oh well, it is all good now and I will save some cash in the end.

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