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BlackwolfW87 04-22-2013 05:58 PM

Tires and wheels questions and Ideas?
I have a 2000 TJ with 17inch rims, and Hancook MT tires. Bought it that way. I don't like the 17s, they are just too flashy. Although they do match the chrome bumpers the PO has on it. I plan on swapping on some JCR front and rear gear, and as I dislike the rims anyway.... I want to change them when I need to get new tires.
I love the look of some of the black painted Rubicon rims, although off of jk I understand there would be backspacing issues. However, I am trying to narrow down the tires. The MT's are ok, not really aggressive enough for me, although it is a DD and sees quite a few miles. I enjoy taking it off the beaten path in Western MT, getting into some mud and such. Also, it snows a good amount here. This morning we had a fresh few inches, april 22. Yeah.
I like the look of the Pitbull Rocker and Growler tires. Any word on the good/bad/ugly on these? My current tires are 285/70r17, I don't really want to downsize, but I don't have the budget or care to regear for larger tires. So, how big can I go safely? Dana 30 front, 35 rear, stock as far as I know. Some lift, not sure how much. The current 285's have plenty of clearance however. The Rocker tires come in at 35x12.5 and the Growlers at 31x10.5.

Or should I be looking at something along the lines of 33x10.5? Once I get a better idea on tires and such I will look for rims and do whatever I need on that end. Thanks for any help!

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