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Justjeepin16 04-24-2013 02:24 AM

99 TJ build
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Well I think I finally have enough to get me started on a build thread. Not to many mods done yet but there will be lots to come.

A little bit of history, I live on Vancover Island, B.C. for those of you who dont know where that is its a big island off the coast of British Columbia just above washington. I bought my jeep last summer when I was 16. Black 99 TJ sport with a hard and soft top. It was bone stock with only 120,000 km on it (74,500 miles) and it was never off roaded or anything. It was the perfect plat form to start from. I barely had it a week before I started doing some small things like bed lining the old faded fenders and side step, also painted the bumpers and blacked out the headlight surrounds. :thumb:

Justjeepin16 04-24-2013 02:36 AM

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A couple days later after some extended time reading Cheap, Easy, Fun CREATIVE MODS I taped everything off with the help of my sister and began bed lining the fenders, door handles, side steps and mirrors. Made a huge difference in looks for just the price of a couple cans of bed liner :dance: A couple days later I painted the chrome head light surrounds black. I drove it like that for about a month then decided that id spend the rest of my savings on a new stereo because I was beginning to get real annoyed with having to use an fm transmitter so I ordered a plug and play one from quadratec. It was definetly worth the money.

Justjeepin16 04-24-2013 02:52 AM

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Then I decided to paint the bumpers. I used a black bumper paint and it seemed to work well. I already took my front jugs off (very first mod :thumb: ) and it stuck well to the back ones. I also tried my hand at making some custom grille inserts out of gutter guard. They looked awesome until the stick foam on the back of the zip tie holders failed. I realized after I should've used some epoxy. I plan on redoing them. This is when I decided to go for a red and black theme. After seeing these Pics I realized I painted the headlight bezels after.

Justjeepin16 04-24-2013 03:02 AM

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After that I added some lights to the bumper and thats how it stayed for a couple months. Then for some odd reason I decided gas was too expesive and I thought Id get a car. Well I ended up with a truck.. and a V8.... :banghead:not really sure what I was thinking. I bought it with the intentions of lifting it and making it really nice. I realized that would be really expesives like $10000 for what i wanted to do and I decided it wasnt worth it. So now my truck is up for sale and Im back working on my jeep. And this is how it sat a couple weeks ago when it was al nice and waxed

Justjeepin16 04-24-2013 03:16 AM

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Well now the fun is really beginning. I took off all my fender, those were a PITA. I took off the bumper, mirrors, hood latches, the little handle in the middle of the hood, license plate mount, and gas cap. All of these are getting bedlined. The bed liner I had on my mirrors started to chip because of all that white stuff ( I think it was corrosion) so I took them to school and tried glass beading them. It didnt really work so I grabbed a die grinder. To my surprise they were aluminum and they cleaned up very nicely! :dance: No more white stuff! Next I moved on to the front bumper. My plan is to strip all the old paint and hammer out the dent in the end, the weld all the unneeded holes shut and grind them flush. After Id cut a chunk out and taper the ends up a bit. Id finish with bed liner and some tow hooks and replace the torx bolts that hold it on. Today I got all the old paint stripped off and got the dent pounded out so on Thursday itll be all ready to be welded. I plan on doing something similar with the rear bumper as well. Id like to fab an 2" receiver as well :punk:

Justjeepin16 04-24-2013 03:39 AM

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Well I have come up with a list of things I want to do

Lift - RC N20 4" lift
33x12.5 R15 Nitto Trail Grapplers
Tuff T01 black rims with red inserts

Exterior - Custom fab bumpers
Many be lined parts
Bestop soft top with tinted windows
Tint my hard top windows
Tint door windows
Tinted signal lights
Round LED tail lights
Rocker Guards
Riddler diff cover for my d30
custom grille inserts
fishing rod holder
Black locking fuel door
red JEEP emblems
mirrors for when doors are off
wind sheild light bar
more lights

Interior - GEAR seat covers
hi jack mount
paracord grab handles
possibly two tone red and black interior
dye roll bar covers black
CB radio
some sort of custom locking truck
red leds for dash and HVAC
red leds under dash
seat risers
kicker replacement speakers
custom sound bar with to 10" slim mount subs
and anything else I might think of Suggestions are welcomed!

Performance - Throttle body spacers
Diffirent intake possibly cold air
high flow exhaust
short shifter

Jeeperz Creeperz 04-24-2013 01:53 PM

Your Wrangler looks good already and will be even better with your list of mods completed. You are already ahead of many 16 year olds by doing the work yourself. It is a good that you sold the truck and kept the Wrangler. As you can see there are plentiful parts out there and you can work on most things yourself.

Justjeepin16 05-02-2013 12:34 PM

I did some more work in the last couple days. I got some of what I wanted to bed line done and now I just have to start putting the back on. I also bondo'd a dent I had in the fender. And I started to do the grille inserts

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