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rprice6 04-24-2013 08:33 AM

Need Advice with Sound upgrades on 2011 Unlimited
I need some advice on what to do to upgrade the sound system in my 2011 Unlimited with Infinity sound system. I want to replace the factory speakers, head unit, sub, and amp because to be honest it doesn't sound that great at all. I would like to do this in stages (for example, replace the speakers in the roll bar or front dash, etc.) but wasn't sure what would be the biggest bang for my buck. I called crutchfield and they recommended that I replace the roll bar speakers with a pair of Polk Audio db651s first along with the dash. I questioned them about some of the posts I have read concerning the rear speakers being limited in the amount of volume\power that is being supplied to them and they were unaware of this and found nothing in their documents. They still insisted this would be the first thing to replace given that I want to do it in stages. I tried changing the fader from front to back on the factory unit and did notice the volume difference. I guess my question is what would you guys replace first to get the most noticeable difference? Keep in mind that I am on a budget and want to replace a few things at a time with the end goal of replacing it all at some point. Would you start out with replacing the speakers in the roll bar? Or do the front dash? Or would you replace the head unit altogether first? Any suggestion?

Jma20a 04-24-2013 09:32 AM

I always start with a new headunit, it will produce much better sound out of the stock speakers. Than go with new speakers and an amp, last is a sub and amp.

st1264 04-24-2013 01:28 PM

I'm assuming you are equipped with a factory external amp? If you are, I'd do all 4 speakers first (on a budget).

If no amp, I'd do the HU + speakers at the same time. This stuff isn't that expensive anymore. With just the stock HU running your aftermarket speakers the difference won't be that large. If really constrained for cash, do all 4 speakers. Then look to do the HU after or (Vice/Versa, HU then speakers).

I do agree, all the factory equipment is junk. You won't be satisfied unless you replace it all. Will need a good HU, 4 speakers, a sub and amp for good sound. I laughed when I saw a couple ads for the stock stuff being for sale, then I saw that some of it had been sold! Yes, some people aren't as picky and the factory equipment sounding as good as an Ipod dock with 3" speakers is good enough for some.

Good luck.

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