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hooked422 04-24-2013 11:10 AM

Suspension noise
Ok after dealing with the dreaded dw I fixed it 90 percent got a new track bar and new tires. But.... There is still a loose sound coming from the front end when I hit bumps. I looks under the jeep took a rubber mallet and tap suspension components to ate if they sounded loose. Is their supposed to be a little movement on the upper control bushings? Any help is much appreciated.


wrangler dad 73 04-24-2013 11:34 AM

John there should be a tight fit with your bushings and this is most likely where the noise is coming from.
There are two things you can try to resolve this issue.

1 make sure you have the correct length on your link arm itself. to adjust the length loosen the tightening bolt just behind the heim joint (or whatever joint you have) remove the bolt that connects the link arm to the axel and lengthen the arm by rotating out the joint a half turn at a time until you find the right length and re-install

2 make sure you have the correct size bolt that holds the link arm to the axel if the bolt is to narrow then it will cause vibrations when driving. Just reinstall a thicker bolt.

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