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TiltMaster 04-25-2013 09:39 AM

To Pull Off the Fenders or Not...That is the Question
My (actually my son's) first Jeep...a '98 Sahara. 3" Zone lift and the 33s are on the way.

He wants to pull off the front fenders (milk jugs, I believe you vets call 'em) and get some tube fenders. I'd like to hear some thoughts on doing/not doing that. If you've done it, would you do it again? If you didn't, why not?


DarrenT 04-25-2013 09:53 AM

I believe the term milk jugs refers to the big ass bumper end caps. :thumb:
I put tube fenders on mine a while back, and boy am I glad I did. It is personal preference, but I do think they look better. Plus given the state of my stock fenders, if I hadn't cut them down for the tubes, they'd have fallen apart anyway.... 33s on a 3" lift shouldn't leave you any clearance issues with stock fenders, even less so with tube fenders.
As with anything, if it's worth doing, it's worth doing properly. Good luck with it.

marrk_us 04-25-2013 10:08 AM

This has nothing to do with looks. When I first got my TJ I put a hard top on it, stock tires, no lift. Hard top had a wiper/washer on rear window. Didn't really like the hardtop, wanted the option of taking the windows out and let the top down so I sold it. The first winter I noticed the only thing I missed was the rear wiper. I drive on dirt roads almost everyday and when they got wet the rear window tends get dirty pretty quick. Not really a big deal since I still have 2 side mirrors to see to change lanes etc. Then I installed my lift and 33" tires, stock fender flares. The first time the road got wet the tires threw the mud onto my door windows, when you can't see out the windows the rear view mirrors are worthless. Lived with it for a while but winter driving after dark it really can be a safety issue. Once I installed bigger fender flares all was well.
So, my only concern really is safety. If your never on mucky dirt roads or rush hour traffic after being on dirt roads its probably not a problem, but even on wet pavement in Colorado it doesn't take long to lose rear visibility and in traffic its a real pain. I'm not sure how the tube fender crowd deals with it, but i'm sure someone will be along to give more useful feedback. Also depends on how much experience he has with the jeep and how young. 16 years old i'd say no way, there's already too many distractions, friends, girls, cell phones, stereo,etc. 18 with a couple years driving responsibly probably much less of a problem. I like the look but as mine is a daily driver and I don't like driving by feel in bad weather and i'm in heavy traffic everyday I kept my stock ones. Maybe the guys running the fenders have a solution to the visibility issue in which case I would make the switch myself.

DarrenT 04-25-2013 10:15 AM

+1 for the dirty windows/side mirrors. Though being in New Brunswick, traffic isn't really an issue. So like you said, it comes down to your personal circumstances and budget.
In hindsight, I would have spent the few extra $s to get the flared tube fenders. :thumb:

homebrwd 04-25-2013 10:41 AM

As stated Milk jugs are the bumper ends. Most will recommend some form of fender upgrade, whether it be a flat flare, MCE flatties or the more extremes of TNT, Poison SPyder, MetalCloak etc. I personally have the Metalcloak arched fenders which will give better protection than the stock fenders would and to me they also look damn nice. I don't regret it one bit and plan to get their rear setup to match.

Moebius 04-25-2013 12:15 PM

IF you're going to do flat fenders I'd recommend going the extra bit further and doing highline as well (if you can get over the fear of cutting the hood - I grabbed a beer and handed my buddy the angle grinder to get over the fear of doing mine). It's worth the money and effort to go highline in my opinion.

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