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scowboy 04-25-2013 10:46 AM

Transmission seals, what else?
I found the write up on the transmission/case seal replacement, and think this is the issue with my fathers noisy case. That being said, can anyone chime in on anything else I should do? It's a 99 with 186k on it, and my 75 yo dad wants to be buried in it. I can't risk him breaking down. If I had the time I would dig thru all of the forums, but alas do not this week. Some 5 speeds never need a rebuild, others have "known" weak points. I don't imagine there are any sensors? Replace the mounts? Sources for a full bushing mount kit? It is not for wheeling (yet) but any while you are in there comments are really welcomed.

Once he can't get in and out of it, it will pass to my 13 yo twins :)

I am no stranger to cars and fab, and have a lot of resources at hand.

Also, I will probably post separate, I plan on full motor rebuild, injectors, etc. But as above, don't want to find "oh, dude you should have replaced the distributor, they all go bad" type of things.

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