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tylermats 04-25-2013 01:47 PM

14 bolt?
So I Want To Go With Bigger Tires(38") When I Come Back From Deployment Next Year So I Have The Task Of Trying To Find Stronger Axles Because Im Not Quiye Sure That My Dana 35 Will Cut The Mustard. I Was Looking At Going For A Dana 44 But God They Are Expensive AndForget About A Dana 60 But Then I Happened To Come Acros A 14 Bolt And They Are Everywhere Out Here I SOCAL And Really Cheap. I Have Seen People Selling Them For 100 Bucks No Lie. And Its A One Ton Axle Like How Could I Go Wrong. I Know There Are Clearance Issues And Ill Deal With That When The Time Comes Around. Basically Is It Worth The Trouble To Put In A Ff 14 Bolt? Any Comments Questions Or Concerns. Also Does Anyone Have Any Sugestions For A Front Axle? And HasAnyone DoneThis Before?

Thanks, Ty

UnlimitedLJ04 04-25-2013 01:58 PM

try here: Pirate4x4.Com - The largest off roading website in the world.

cudruln 04-26-2013 07:20 AM


Originally Posted by UnlimitedLJ04 (Post 3681959)

You just feed that lamb to the wolves.

On another note, doing a 14 bolt swap is very time consuming and only the start of a long list of items that you will need to be able to run said axle. Why are you only planning on upgrading the rear and not the front (the 30 will not like a 38 either)? I would suggest doing a lot of research for 3/4 or one ton swaps before you start buying to many parts. It will be more than just putting in a new rear axle. Just sayin. :popcorn:

Sccafire 04-26-2013 11:39 AM


Originally Posted by cudruln (Post 3685026)
You just feed that lamb to the wolves.

No he didn't. Just have to know where to look.

Pirate4x4.Com - Extreme Four Wheel Drive

solman 05-01-2013 07:24 AM

Im putting a 14 bolt in my tj this summer.It is a great rear axle for a tj, its very strong its cheap and many of them come with 4.56s and a locker. They are 67" wms (wheel mount surface) to wms so they are about 6" wider than your dana 35. If that is too wide for you you can swap out the hubs for ones that came on a dually and you will be down to 63" wms to wms.
What will you use for a front axle? the dana 30 will not be up to 38s, plus you would have miss matched lug patterns. I and going with a king pin dana 60 from a 1990 f350. They are not cheap but they will handle 38s just fine in stock form.

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