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allen456 04-26-2013 09:16 AM

Collant leak help
Apparently I have a coolant leak somewhere. I have checked for exhaust smoke at both idol and following behind my jeep, nothing. No coolant is hitting the ground at any point. I had to add almost a gallon yesterday and did so about a month or so ago also. I notice that my temp guage will move up and down more frequently when I needed to add coolant both times, but the temp never gets much over 210. Ocassionaly I will smell a small amount of coolant, but cant locate it anywhere. No water/coolant in the oil. Where could it be going? I have checked several times after running under the hood to listen and look for vapor to be coming out somewhere but to no avail. I haven't pressure tested it yet, but yesterday after cooling it down a bit, I slowly released the cap and there was alot of pressure and vapor evac. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Neil F. 04-26-2013 10:17 AM

If you have an external leak you can't pinpoint, the best was is to have UV dye added to the system. Just about any garage/shop can do it. Then you come back in a couple days and they hit it with a black light and it is clear as day where it is. (if it is in the oil, the oil will glow also)

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