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Tagg 04-26-2013 01:17 PM

E-Auto Grille Bumper LED Lights ???
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Just trying to figure out the proper wiring of the E-Auto Grille Front LED Bumper. The very unprofessional wiring diagram that was shipped with the Bumper is very CONFUSING. It does Not specify if the power is from or to the different lighting fixtures or are from the power or to the light loads. Hopefully someone has installed this wiring and can better explain it. It shows a DRL (daylight running light) setup, but makes no sense to me. Thanks.

Tagg 04-26-2013 01:30 PM

Ok, I wrote the handwritten wording on picture. Right or Wrong ???

Orange wire - Park Lights
Blue Wire - Fog Lights
Yel-Black Wire - Left Turn
Yellow Wire - Right Turn
Black Wire - Battery Negative
Red Wire - Battery Positive

Does this mean that the wiring from the Jeep to this module is :

Vehicle wiring connected to:
Orange wire to Vehicle existing park light power
Blue wire to vehicle fog lamp power
Yel-Black wire to Vehicle Left turn signal power
Yellow wire to Right turn signal power
I understand:
Black wire to battery Negative
Red wire to battery Positive.

Is the wiring on the top of the DRL Module all inputs from the vehicle OE factory wiring ?

Hope someone has done this before. I like the idea of the DRL system. Thanks.

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