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quikchevy 12-07-2008 10:58 PM

Crazy Electric Problem won't Start
Hello, hope someone out there knows how to fix this one...I was a mechanic for YEARS and have NEVER seen this one!!

97 4.0l Wrangler Manual

Put a 1" Body lift and 2" suspension lift this weekend. We disconnected the battery before we started.

Got everything done and along the way checked all lines and wires for clearance.

We hooked the battery back up and went to start it and everything came on fine until I went to crank it, the starter clicked once and EVERYTHING WENT 100% dead...Nothing....HAd to disconnect the battery and wait awhile then hook it back up for it come come back on.

Thought maybe the battery was low so we put the charger on it and all I got was smoke and sparks from the charger leads on the battery when trying to crank

Its like its drawing a TON of amps and somehow it senses it and shuts off the WHOLE elec. system. Its like the motor is ceased and the starter can't turn it

I changed the battery and starter but no luck. I disconnected the starter wire from the Ign. sw under the hood near the batt and fuse box and turned it to crank and got 12v and nothing shut off. Hook it back up and boom, it trips and kills everything.

I am at a loss, I checked ALL the wiring bumper to bumper for cuts/shorts and nothing. Everything in the truck works, lights, radio, cluster, heater, ect...

Unhooked the harness from starter to battery and OHM tested all the wires and found no shorts!! Batt. cables are in good shape and connections are clean!!


Triple88a 12-07-2008 11:31 PM

the only connection i can think of that could have gotten messed up by lifting the body is the 2 big connectors that go down the body right above the rear of the engine. On my jeep those were very short.

see them back there on the firewall behind the intake?

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