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MayMay 04-28-2013 10:42 AM

Tcase Problem
Have a mild problem....

I installed a bodylift a while ago and lost the ability to go into 4wd. So I ordered a novak cable shifter and installed it. Piece of cake.

However, my tcase still would not even budge out of 2wd. Neutral, Drive, Rolling, Driving, the thing would not shift. I unlinked the novak cable, it worked fine. Tried to move the tcase by hand and the sucker would not budge. A friend of mine got under it and managed to pull (with some effort) the tcase lever toward the FRONT of the vehicle.

Now my jeep wont change gears at all and is stuck in neutral. To top it off, the lever does not want to go back.

Hope I you guys can help. My searchfu came up with nothing.

2006 Wrangler w/42RLE

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