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oflores 04-28-2013 11:36 AM

Headlights won't turn off. 97 TJ
Yesterday my TJ wouldn't start. Jumped it fine but when I did I noticed the lights were on but my headlight switch was in the off position. This had to have happened the day prior due to my battery dieing obviously. Checked all the fuses inside the glove and under the hood but none were burnt. Read some forums and people said it may be the headlamp switch. Bought a brand new headlamp switch and plugged it into the harness and still the dang things won't turn off! Tried all kinds of combos with the other lights and no dice. Runners, brights, dome and dash lights work perfect but the headlamps won't die. For now i'm using my fog lamps as headlights :nonono:
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

1997 Wrangler 2.5L I4
No headlamp mods done ever as it's all stock, driving in town when it started acting up, no water in or under the hood. No trail jarring before it happened, and no reports of anti-Jeep aliens from another world invading.

oflores 04-29-2013 02:03 PM

Solution found!!
Downloaded the wiring schematic, narrowed it down to the fact the wire headed out to the headlights was getting power somehow even when the switch was off. All other functions worked but there was one wire that we didn't need.....the optional horn wire, which has power in it constantly so the optional horn could be on demand. We removed the wire from the headlamp switch wiring harness and bam the lights turned off when they were supposed to and everything worked perfect :dance: Somewhere deep in the wiring this optional horn wire was touching the wire that sends power to the headlights. So, it was not the headlight switch nor the switch for the brights and turn signal on the collum.
One last thing, when the headlights were staying on incorrectly, I noticed they were dimmer than the low beams would be. When we tried the low/hi there was a noticeable difference between 3 brightnesses, almost as if there was a very low, low, and hi beam. The very low was the optional horn wire touching the headlight wire, and therefor not giving it enough juice to achieve the low beam.
Having a cold beer now. :thumb:

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