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Shaun_E 04-28-2013 02:01 PM

Help selecting Wheels/Tires
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I am pretty new to the Jeep world. I just purchased my first Jeep last June (2012). I've been driving it almost a year now bone stock. I am ready to get some new wheels and tires now but am having some difficulty in choosing as size. I have filtered through many threads and posts and still have some questions around what really works best for my situation. I am not really that in to off roading much. My Jeep is not necessarily a daily driver either as I have a work vehicle to drive during the week. So my Jeep is mostly reserved for weekend trips, road trips, vacations, etc. I am looking to get that 'off road look'. Larger wheels and tires but not really taking it off road. I just like the look. With that being said, I am looking for tires that will be comfortable on road and keep the ride as close to it is now (stock). Also, don't know about lifts, etc. to accommodate larger wheels/tires. Or if a lift is even needed at all. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

jydder 04-28-2013 02:17 PM

You've come ro the right place for info. Lots of posts on the site for tire/wheel combinations. A quick search will give you more than enough info to get you started. My jeep is also my daily driver. I went with Goodyear duratracs and couldn't be happier. Aggressive look, great road manners, as quiet as stock and excellent in snow. I wouldn't recommend them for heavy duty off road rock crawling, but they can easily handle fire roads and dirt trails. As for size, you should be able to get away with 33" without a lift, though you'll want wheels with the right offset and backspacing to avoid the wider tire from rubbing when turning. You can also accomplish this with your stock wheels by adding wheel spacers. Some on the forum have no problem with using spacers, others (like me) would rather not use them.

Good Luck!

jydder 04-28-2013 02:29 PM

Retread your post and saw that you've already searched the forum on this topic. Here is my combo of tire/wheel size: 315/70/17 duratracs, Procomp 17x9 wheels with 4.5in backspace. I went with a 3 inch lift to accommodate the size of the tire, though others seem to have no problems with a 2 inch lift and I've read one or two who claim to have these tires with no lift, but I can't see how they can avoid rubbing. I think I remember looking at this size wheel and 285/70/17 duratracs and coming to the conclusion that I would be able to do this without a lift, but I ended going with the 315s (and no regrets. Love the look). Hope this helps.

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