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1Junior 04-28-2013 10:10 PM

HELP Need ideas and suggestions
Good and Bad news , on the way home the other day from wheelin wrecked my 90 YJ and tore it up pretty good in the front, engine still runs problem with suspension and steering as far as I can tell so far. Good news is wife gave me the green light to turn it into the play toy I've always wanted it to be, up until this point it has been a daily driver with a only a few mods done to it. I am running a stock 4.0 bored 30 over with a webber carb and a glass pack exhaust. Shackle lift and 33's, everything else is essentially stock. I would like to turn it into something bigger and better but as for most not enough money to turn it into the cover of a magazine. Plan so far is to do the SOS swap and have a set of 35's that I will be running underneath. Dash is gone so need some suggestions maybe diamond plate. Steeing colum needs replaced was told that a cheroke of the same year would swap in place. Don't know for sure what swaps with what. Just wanting some suggestions or ideas for a cheap but cool and fun upgrade to a bad day on the way home. Pics would be greatly appreciated as well. Thanks in advance!!!!!

Doc Cons 04-29-2013 07:28 PM

At first I was sorry that you wrecked your jeep, but it sounds like you got a blessing in disguise. I am by no means a master mechanic, more of a back yard weekend warrior. I got a 93 yj as my fist car and have been caught in the endless cycle of "build it bigger, take it to the woods, break it, repeat". SOS is an easy way to get a few extra inches, so are add a leafs if your not looking to replace everything. Just make sure you get the right adaptors for your pitman arm, brake lines, ext as you keep jacking it up. Also now that youre not planning to daily drive it, I would look into some firm offroading shocks. As far as the dash goes, they sell the 2 pieces online for $50 each. I've priced out making my own out after I broke mine, but it's cheaper to buy the factory one. You can get fancy ones but I've never been one to invest in cosmetics for something I'm going to beat to pieces... Hope this helped

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