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za_mhz 12-09-2008 09:12 AM

OMG clutch release bearings finally replaced!!
Sorry no pics didn't even cross my mind at the time. But I've finally replaced my clutch release bearings this week. The dealership quoted a four hour job. Not for me more like 8 hours. Granted the mechanic helping me was not dedicated to this one job, as he had to still run his business. I had no idea everything I had to take out to get to it. Here's a list. also not sure if this makes a difference its a 2005 rubi unlimited.

First things first order of operations:
1: Front driveshaft
2: Rear Driveshaft
3: Starter
4: The big arse shovel(skidplate)
5: Something im not sure of maybe a locker controller or something, it had a lot of wires. Also it was on the drivers side towards the back of the shovel
6: with the shovel gone the rest of the front driveshaft
7: removal of the 4wd linkage. we left the adj nut alone, i was a little intimated
8: removed the manual shifter and all trim associated with it, to create enough room to slide the tranny back.
9: the transmission. It was very heavy, this was the scarriest thing that has ever happened to me. what if i dropped it? we were using a trans. stand.
10: there it is in the bell housing such a small part so much work.

Anyway it was succesful with no extra parts in the end.:punk:

Atthehop 12-09-2008 09:54 AM

I hope you had a lift, I don't look forward to replacing the clutch on the ground someday in the far future. My old yj went over 200k on the original clutch and the next owner had it done when the trans failed.

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