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Ponderosa 04-29-2013 10:42 AM

Florence Coos Bay area Questions
Hello Oregon!

My family,a bit older with a late teen daughter, is looking to escape the heat of the desert this summer and spend a month or so around Florence/Coos Bay OR. We tow a 13 JKU with our motorhome.

I was looking primarily at fishing/boating, but see there are some great dunes there as well. I was wondering if exploring these dunes are something I could tackle with my stock JK or if it would be better left to my SxS (which I doubt I will bring on this trip).

Y-Guy 04-30-2013 12:56 AM

I grew up in Eugene and used to take frequent trips to Florence, with our family we've been spending Spring Break going to Florence, specifically Honeyman State park for about 10 years with our ATVs. This year was the first time with our Jeep and our ATVs. Being new at it I didn't do so well on my first attempt getting on the beach, I should have air down more. But I'm not sure how well my stock tires would have done in the soft sand. That said, I've seen other Jeeps out there so no reason it can't be done. Few days later we went out to the end of South Jetty and made it out just fine.

The plus of Florence is you and ride the dunes, the flats and the Beach. You'll need to enter the Dunes from either Driftwood II or South Jetty that time of year. There are three entry points along South Jetty, one by Show off Hill, one near the flats and one down near the beach. If you follow South Jetty all the way out there is another entry point but you can only drive on the beach Oct-May if memory serves in that area.

To do any riding you'll need an OHV Sticker and an Orange Flag. I bought both at the Yamaha/Polaris dealer in Florence.

You can camp at Honeyman State Park but I'd encourage you to make reservations asap. This year we stayed at Woahink Lake RV Resort which is just south of Honemay but still has dune access and Woahink Lake is just on the other side of Hwy 101. This is a bit of a quiet, more adult, RV park, but it has full hook up's and it's not a wild party scene. Plenty of rules, but we had no issues. Given the choice, I'd stay at Honeyman personally.

It's a good base camp area, you can head north a couple hours with many things to do/see, and south to Winchester Bay and Coos Bay too.

Ponderosa 05-02-2013 02:29 PM

Thank you. That was very helpful.

motoxer96 05-15-2013 11:18 PM

I grew up in Reedsport. Which is two miles inland from winchester bay. there are tons of great riding areas all the way from coos bay to winchester bay to florence. And each town has different things to offer. Growing up in the windy bay(winchester bay) area I am kinda biust. The advantage of it as a base camp is your right in the middle. So if you want you can drive 30 minutes north or south and be at one of the other dune areas. It is also nice if you are towing. Because the highway from I-5 to the 101 is called highway 38. I has been repaved recently and is the straightest by far. The roads from I-5 to florence and coos bay. Are two of the more whindy roads in the state. But the biggest perk about winchester bay is that it has more parking then anywhere else. RV parks, tent sites and places right on the dunes. There is also a pretty sweet jetty that is right next to the dunes that you could drive your jeep right out to. Fun to walk out on to. And there is good rock fishing off of it if thats something that you would be interested in. The jetty also forms a V towards the shoreline the is used as oyster farm. One of only two places on the whole coast the grows their oysters from strings compared to down in the mud. There are lots of areas you could take your jeep on adventures to. Good luck on your trip. I go back there as often as I can

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