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Cameron West 04-29-2013 03:34 PM

Jeep Audio Help!
I have a 2013 Rubicon unlimited with the premium alpine audio and nav screen. I want better sound and i was on craigslist and i saw JL ZR speaker/component system selling for $200 so i decided to pull the trigger on it because it was so much lower than retail price. I want to change out my speakers, add a sub, and two amps possibly, but want to keep the factory HU. I have around $1000 to spend on this setup(JL ZR already subtracted from that total), what do yall think i should do? Install the speakers, add an amp for those speakers, get a sub and an amp? Any Suggestions please! Help!

Cameron West 05-08-2013 03:10 PM


Posts On Percocet 05-08-2013 03:15 PM

Well, technically the right way to do it would be to find a nice amp to run those components. You should get great sound out of them.

As far as the sub, I just put a 10 in JL in the back of mine with a Kenwood Excelen x500-1 and....for what it pounds. Also, you could run 2 10's off of that amp because it has a good amount of power. I'm going to add another 10 to mine after I upgrade the soundbar so the bass doesn't drown out the other speakers.

And that amp and the JL 10 is pretty cheap so you should be able to pull it off.

woansleftpeg 05-08-2013 06:07 PM

A JL ZR component set for $200 is a ridiculous steal. That's a serious piece of kit, and deserves a proper grown up amplifier. Do you know which model it is?

Your problem here now is unless you spend the money on good quality speakers to match them in the soundbar, you're going to have a mismatch on your sound. However, you should be able to do it for a grand.

One thing you haven't mentioned is a line output converter. The factory HUs don't have amplifier pre-outs, so you're going to need to convert the signal from the speaker line-outs before connecting it to the amp.

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