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Boundforbeach 04-29-2013 04:37 PM

No Power! Any thoughts?
Hi everyone. I was hoping for some newbie advice. I bought a used Wrangler 2000 Sport with a 4.0 liter a few weeks ago. I love the vehicle, but I can't get it to start today.

Let me give a little bit of background which may or may not be relevant. A few days after I got it, one of the keys got broken off in the ignition. I was able to remove the ignition cylinder without much issue, get the broken key out, put the cylinder back in and used the other key without incident ever since.

About two weeks ago I went to a friends house. When I went to leave, it would not start. No power to the dash, no clicking- nothing. Seemed strange since the battery is brand new. After about 10 minutes, I put the key in again and it fired right up and I had no problems at all. Until today.:banghead:

It's raining pretty hard here today. Got in the Jeep and put the key in. Unless I'm losing my mind, I could swear the dash power came on for about a tenth of a second, then nothing. Almost like a short of some kind. I'm getting no power to the dash, and none of the headlights will go on. Just put the multimeter to the battery and it's showing about 12.5 volts.

Any thoughts? I've been reading the forum and I've read a random assortment of discussions for no power, be it a neutral safety switch, ignition switch, ignition switch actuator pin assembly, starter, wet harness next to the firewall. I just thought if I gave a more detailed background maybe somebody would have an idea about what to do. I'm assuming this is something I can't fix myself. Or pray for a few days of dry weather and maybe it will start. Thanks.

Boundforbeach 04-29-2013 04:50 PM

After I posted, I went out to it again. Opened door and interior light came on. Good sign. Put key in, got light to the dash for a tenth of a second, then heard a click and dead again. Interior light still off. Frustrating. I have a gut feeling it will work when it stops raining for a day or so.

TJ-GTR 04-29-2013 05:37 PM

Have you checked the other end of your battery cables. Make sure the ground is tight on the engine and the positive lead on the starter is tight with no corrosion? That's the first place I'd look. Also look for any breaks or kinks in both the positive and negative cables.

Boundforbeach 04-29-2013 05:48 PM

Thanks. I'll check the cables and ground in the morning. I'm also going to check the two wiring harnesses under the hood next to the firewall. They looked wet. I might dry them out and wrap in some rubber tape.

cchartrand 04-29-2013 06:15 PM

That sucks! Ironically enough, I had a very similar experience last Fri. After work. Stopped at the store, got in, turned the key and everything went dead..... Nothing! I was at a loss, so I put it in neutral, let it roll a little, put the key back in , and she fired. Coincidence? When I got home I checked my Batt. Terminals and my neg. lead was pretty loose. Tightened it up and haven't had any probs....... Yet. Still think there might be a "gremlin" in there somewhere. Good luck and keep me posted!!

Boundforbeach 04-30-2013 08:37 AM

Follow-up. Rain stopped last night. I took a hair dryer to the wiring harnesses by the firewall. I also tightened up the connections to the battery terminal, even though there was clearly contact. The positive lead to the starter was good with no corrosion, and the battery cables seem to be in good condition. The ground seems tight to the engine block but it was covered in some oil residue. I didn't clean it yet, but it now starts!!! Thanks for the thoughts. I'm not convinced this is the end of my problems, but we'll see. At least she's running.

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