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Vroooom 04-30-2013 04:54 AM

All roads may lead to Rome...
....But apparently not all trails do.

Im in Rome for a week of business with a light sprinkling of liesure. One would think that with small streets, cobble stones, lots of elevation changes, and tiny parking spaces, this would be ideal for Wranglers. Ive seen three days. Granted, I understand that importation, maintenance and fuel costs must be horrendous for those three, but still....I miss seeing them. (There are far more Land Rover Discover editions). Most of the vehicle here make a smart-car look big (think: a smart car with 4 doors...but no change in esterior dimensions....folks here gotta be real friendly). And there are more mopeds here than I've ever seen anywhere (I havenet been to japan yet). Its like a buzzing swarm of angry wasps...wearing helmets.

Ever since I caught the wrangle bog a few years ago, I've taken casual notice of how the population density of wranglers varies significantly in different areas.

Wranglers are EVERYWHERE in Texas. Cant go 5 minutes without seeing one. Any parking lot has 3-4, every traffic light has at least 2, trails, if you can find one to play on...usualyy have one or two other wranglers trying to get dirty too.

When I was in Alaska on vacation, I noticed that there are VERY few wranglers up there. While I think the terrain is perfect for a Jeep, I guess its hard to fit a moose in the back of a wrangler...even once it has been field dressed.

In NYC and in DC I saw a few but they seemed to be more of an indicator of status than of lifestyle or philosophy.

I guess there are so few in Rome because of the lack of places to wheel them. Too many other cool things to see...and do...and eat.

Nom... nom... nom.....:popcorn:

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