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mrbullitt 04-30-2013 12:35 PM

Information on Projector Housings
Does anyone have any experiance with a Projector housing for a JK Headlight? I installed a DDM Tuning HID conversion kit and just don't like the way the light spreads. I wasn't expecting this AMAZING improvement over stock with just a $70 kit, but I expected at least a little better than what it is now. So again, my question is this. I was thinking of replacing the stock housings with Projector housings and using my DDM kit. Can anyone recommend a good housing for this? Or another type that would yield at least a some what good result?

Lastly, I'm on Single dad/home owner budget so I can't afford Trucklite LEDs or JW Speakers or else I would have just gone that route. Thanks In advanced!!!

alexandermf 05-02-2013 11:10 AM

Idk anything about the kits but I've retrofitted a couple Subaru headlights and know as long as you have a solid housing, good projectors(fxr's) being my favorite and sand the fluting on the inside of your headlight lens(if it has it) and you'll have major improvements

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