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tn-yj 12-11-2008 12:11 PM

Slave Cylinder Mod for Tranny Swap
Alright so a little back ground info:
My ax5 went belly up and I had a ax15 laying around so me and my dad started tearing into it. We used a 96 Dodge Dakota bellhousing to get the correct bolt pattern and everything.

The problem:
I dont know exactly what its doing because Im at school about 80 miles away but from what my dad tells me the clutch doesnt disengage the tranny from the engine because the slave cylinder shaft is to short.

My dads idea is to pull the shaft out and weld it to make it longer.
My Idea is a little more in depth. I want to order this pneumatic cylinder from McMaster and replace the entire slave cylinder.
Item #6498K142

As far as I can tell I could just take the mounting bracket off the old slave cylinder and use it on the new cylinder. I could also cut the hose off the old slave and use a compression fitting to put it on the new.

So does anybody think this will work? Suggestions, input?

southernculture 12-11-2008 08:45 PM

I have welded an extensoin on a slave pin before and it worked.

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