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MeSteve 04-30-2013 04:22 PM

Wash/rain on the interior
So, this 10A will be my first functional jeep. I know it is said that I can hose out the interior, and get rained on, etc. but is that true on a brand new JKU? What do I need to worry about getting wet? The radio? The AC controls? The entire dash and center comsole(with uSB wiring in it)?

We are moving to Hawaii and once I ditch the top and doors I doubt they will go back on for the 3 years were there. Am I going to end up with a swamped, stinky JK?

jkjeeper06 04-30-2013 04:33 PM

If you leave the carpets in and get it wet a lot it'll stink. If you take the carpets out, which you'd have to do to access the drain plugs, it'll be fine. I leave the side windows out all summer and just let rain come in the jeep. I also wash the jeep with the top down. Doesn't bother me or the jeep. When it rains I throw the top up minus the windows to cover the center of the dash. Isn't the USB in the center console? If so that will be ok and will shed water. All the controls are splash resistant. They aren't meant to get soaked but if a bit of rain gets on them, they shouldn't die. You may want to invest in a bikini top or safari top for when it rains. But if you plan on getting wet a lot, do yourself a favor and ditch the carpet.

live_slow 04-30-2013 08:24 PM

I'm thinking about making a weighted, waterproof fabric thing that will act like a splash guard for the center console stack.

- buy a few yards of water-proof awning type material
- cut to width of center stack with a narrower section at top
- place weight of choice inside folded pocket at top
- hem it all up, including the weights and hem in some light weights in the bottom

That way when you need a dust or splash guard you just unroll it and throw it up. IF it starts to pour, it'll keep water off good enough while you throw on an emergency top.

IF you don't like weights, you could put a few velcro tabs on the dash and the fabric, but velcro wears out.

I had similar for my s2k dash since I left the top down most of the time. I lost the hook up who sewed it when I moved, so I have to find someone handy with a heavy duty sewing machine. (I can't find the damn thing now. I may have left it in the car or just misplaced it in the garage.)

SilverSport 04-30-2013 08:26 PM

Didn't a handful of members have issues with rain getting inside the steering wheel/column and causing electrical issues?

kramer2k 04-30-2013 08:42 PM


Originally Posted by SilverSport (Post 3703438)
Didn't a handful of members have issues with rain getting inside the steering wheel/column and causing electrical issues?

That's a fact.

The clock spring in the steering wheel column assembly is susceptible to damage from rain.

There was a member on here at one point that made these cool covers for the steering wheel that extended down to the base of the column to protect the steering wheel components. I don't think she makes them any more though. :( I tried to reach out and get one made but never heard back from her.

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