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jeepstertj 05-01-2013 02:15 AM

My new jeep first time working on her
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Well i just bought a new tj she is a 06 rubicon and well she had some stuff going on some rattle noises and well the ex owner was a very nasty owner and i mean nasty in the meaning that he didnt took care of her.
So i decided to make a nice cleaning day.
First because of the rattling noises well it it sounded like rock in the bumpers and well that was the noise xD

Also i notice a weird and loud clunk noise when the front suspension bottoms out and i discover that my front DS hits the exhaust. Please some one can give me an explanation to this problem.
I think i can fix it with a bump stop. Everything in the suspension looks ok.

And well some painting on the brake calipers i always wanted to do this I Know they are gonna get dirty soon but well i like them red. After that i removed the milk jugs to clean and paint them and what do i find? 2kg of rock in all 4 !!!.
Another thing i found tons of dust and rock and dry plants NEXT to the CAT that was a potential issue imagine dry stuff next to the hot cat that could catch on fire xS so i clean all that.

Finally the last problem my fog light didn't work so what i did was check the fuses (all ok) relay (ok) then i discover another aftermarket relay connected to the bat and to a long cable going to my fogs so my diagnostic was a bad connection so i removed all the after market cables and i replace my fog light bulbs with the original 55watts. Then i connected everything to the original system. And they worked =D

Also some sticker to personalize my jeep =D
I love her =D long life jeep long life jeepers

wranglerTX 05-01-2013 02:17 AM

a rubicon? Great start! also glad she's in good hands now.
What are the plans?

jeepstertj 05-01-2013 02:29 AM

Well i had a 98tj 4cil and that was great but now with my rubi everything is so much better

My original plan was
Front and rear locker but now i have them stock
Also sye but now i have it stock hahahaha
Low crawl ratio also stock
Heavy duty rock sliders coming tomorrow

The things i want are
2.5-3 's lift kit with adjustable arms and flex joints i want the max flex out of the short arms
.50-1 inch of BL and MML to do the TT
285/75 on mud tires
9000 winch.
I might put the mopar bumper or i might do a DIY like that its not hard to do.
Tire carrier.
Hi flow exhaust to keep mpg hi (xD)

And well for me thats all or i think so =D

Big Sarge 05-01-2013 02:33 AM


that's awesome. Most people take the bumper end caps AKA milk jugs off anyways. I personally used a JK bumper, modified it to fit on mine.

Not sure on the DS issue, may want to check your motor mounts to maike sure they are intact.

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