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SinfulDragon 05-01-2013 07:19 AM

P0108 and P0138
P0108 - High Voltage MAP
P0138 - High Voltage O2 Sensor - Bank 1 Sensor 2.

I've changed the MAP as well as the O2 Sensor (all O2s at that, because while i'm down there, right).

A day or two later, the codes come back up. What gives?
I've swapped the MAP 3 times now, the O2s once.

Is this a code that has to be manually cleared?
Any thoughts or ideas.

SinfulDragon 05-01-2013 07:49 AM

Sorry for the choppy post, trying to fix my mainframe while making that one.

More on the topic, I've tested the connection to the MAP and it seems to be right at 5V for the power, the switch was a little over 1 and the ground checked out to be good. Again, a short in any wire could of course give me false good readings as long as the wire was in the correct position while testing.
Didn't test any connections to any O2 Sensors, frankly it was enough to try to break them free to replace them.
O2 were replaced with NTK from RockAuto as it said they were the makers of the OEM Products.
MAP was replaced with the lifetime warrany from Autozone and while it could be the problem, I think going back again for the 4th they are going to start looking at me funny.

Open to any and all suggestions at this point, willing to retest, take pictures, stand on my head, whatever it takes. MPG - the bottom drops OUT when it throws the code, but when it runs without the code I get awesome MPG (especially with the new O2 Sensors) judging from a Miles Per Tank divided by gallons to refill stand point.

So come one, come all. Lead me in a big complex circle to point out a dumbass error on my part, I'm good with that as long as it fixes the problem.


SinfulDragon 05-01-2013 03:07 PM

As per "the norm" the CEL turned back off today. I suspect in 3 or 4 days it will come back on again, stay on for a few days then off for a little while again.

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