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elclipo 05-01-2013 06:34 PM

Standing water passenger floorpan
I know where it seeps through into the cab. What I don't know is where is sipping through from the outside.

Attachment 243886

The water is coming in through the top of that seam. The problem is that there is space between the inner and the outer wall and I don't know how is getting in between them from the outside.

Any help or ideas where yo look?

elclipo 05-02-2013 12:04 PM

Could it be the antenna? Is the only place I can think of. If it helps, I've never had a leak until yesterday, and the jeep was parked with the passenger tires up on a curb.

Duke-TJ 05-02-2013 12:13 PM

Lots of TJs have the same issue. Mine did. I tried everything I saw suggested, but when I finally replaced the entire passenger door weather strip rubber I have NO leaks now! Not a drop even in driving rain or sitting overnight in downpour. I used to literally bail out the passenger floorboard after any wet weather.
Best of luck!

bryanintowson 05-02-2013 01:25 PM

This has been documented on this site and others - in the HVAC cowl on your hood there is a rain gutter that gets clogged. Search the forum and you'll find lots of people have this problem. As a stopgap solution on mine till I get a chance to clean it out - I used a section of craft store magnet to cover the cowl while my Jeep is in storage. So far - it's kept the rain out and the passenger footwell has been bone dry.

I plan to clean it out this weekend by the way!

Water Dog 05-02-2013 02:24 PM

I'm not exactly sure what your picture is of, but water entering through the fresh air vent is a common problem with TJ's if the cowl vent is plugged up with leaves and debris. Simply take the cowl off in front of the windshield and take about a 3' rod of some kind (yardstick works) Stick it down through the cowl drain in the center to kind of open the rubber flapper on the bottom, then take a hose with a sprayer and shoot water down through it to flush it out. May or may not be your issue...good luck.

After taking another look at the picture, it appears to be the front of the door opening. If it is, check the tops of your door seals for holes. Mine had a hole where it closed against the hardtop a couple of years ago and water ran through the seal and out a crack in the bottom.

Dextreme 05-02-2013 02:29 PM

I had rain water running down the door seem, then drip inside the tub. I took some pliers and bent the lip on the tub "up" slightly so water would drip outside instead. It has been dry since.

elclipo 05-02-2013 02:36 PM

The picture is of the seam just below the door on the passenger side footwell. I'm planning on checking/cleaning out the cowl section first and foremost. I have to take it off to get it repainted anyways. I'll check the door seal as well, not the weatherstipping but the seal between the door and the black plastic behind the windshield.

elclipo 05-02-2013 02:37 PM


Originally Posted by Dextreme (Post 3711116)
I had rain water running down the door seem, then drip inside the tub. I took some pliers and bent the lip on the tub "up" slightly so water would drip outside instead. It has been dry since.

That was the first think I checked but the water is actually coming in at that seam, well below the door lip. I'll try to take a better picture today.

elclipo 05-04-2013 07:05 PM

Chased down the leak on the passenger side. It was not under the cowl, although it was filthy in there. The problem seems to be at the junction between the door, door surrounds, and the windshield. It takes for me to pour water down directly on it to get a few drops in the cab.

Not sure the amount of work required is worth it for such a small leak.

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