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Lamecrush 05-01-2013 09:29 PM

Rookie "mistake" need help choosing tires
Hey guys, couple of months ago, i got a very good deal on a 20" fuel rims that i could not pass.. I know i know, 20" ? :facepalm: but bare with was black n it goes so well with my 2012 JK Crush :punk:

So this is where the "problem" start.. I bought a 33 federal couragia MTs, totally "awesome" tire, for the light offroad that i do, the tire thread looks nasty n cool :punk:.. But the thing with MTs in general, the hum, road noise and stiffness started to annoy me, as this is my DD car..

Im planning to change out the tire, and im torn between 2 brand.. The toyo AT (not the 2 gen) and the pirelli scorpion ATR..Why those 2 brands, bcoz its easily available in my coopers n bfg sadly :banghead:..Will the road noise be significantly reduce ? And handling on road improve ( ride comfort and braking) ? Or should i just go with HT tires for my DD..

Thank you for any input, kind gentlemen and ladies.. :popcorn:

MacCleev 05-01-2013 10:22 PM

i have 33 by 11 wrangler mudders, and it humms like a mf. But to be honest, that is one of the cool things about having a big jeep, is the hum as you roll down the road. The only downfall i see is the gas milage.

If the hum is truly bugging you, look for something with a little less tread, as that causes the hum, but if you are at all interested in wheeling, lack of tread can be a killer.

Happy trails,

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