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Jamespf1087 05-01-2013 09:36 PM

audio upgrade yj wrangler
So im new to the wrangler forum and so far everything has been very informative. I am also a recent wrangler owner. My primary vehicle is a 2005 wk Grand Cherokee, and i just purchased a 94 yj. I havent had to do much because the original owner took great care of it. I dropped the tank and replaced all the ruber fuel lines ans I am slowly attacking small projects. Last week I painted and plasti-dipped the bumpers and bumpettes. I also took care of a simple tune up. Honestly it runs great...slightly noisey when running which I expected with 160k it bears a slight resemblance to an E320 thoughts possibly lifters but thatsa topic for a different thread. My question is about audio. Ive already swapped out the stock 4x6 byt lets face it, no matter what brand speaker a 4x6 will never compete with road/wind noise. So my question is has anyone had anyluck with speaker enclosures? I have four 8" mid/full range speakers and am looking for ideas in enclosures before I resort to building my own. I like the idea of wakeboard enclosures because they can be easily mounted to the roll bar and most are waterproof... any ideas? Or word of wisdom? Thank you :punk:

jj.91.yj 05-01-2013 10:40 PM

I have 2 6x9s in boxes on back fenders and a sound bar with 6 1/2 all Sony xplods with a Sony deck all in all with the top off I have good sound at high way speeds and I removed the 4x6s in the dash

Xpress 05-01-2013 10:46 PM

4x6 speakers in the front and a sound bar overhead can put out a lot of sound, you could probably try to locate a couple of TJ sound pods (not the sound bar like the first generation of TJ), which can fit a 6.5" speaker. Those alone put out a lot of sound on their own in my 89.

From there, the only way to get more bass is to either amp the speakers, or run a subwoofer, most prefer to run a sub.

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