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milesperhr 05-01-2013 11:33 PM

What's My Rig Worth?
Hey all,

I could definitely use some help valuing my 2008 JK.
I'm considering selling it, as the maintenance is getting super expensive and I'd rather start over with a new Jeep or go for an even older one and have at it for a few years.

It's got 45k miles and the following mods (some accessory hardware) with their retail cost:

K&N Air intake system $190
Dynomax Exhaust system $160
Throttle body spacer $105
Super-chips ecu tuner $305
Stainless steel clamps $30
Smittybilt SRC front bumper $500
Smittybilt SRC rear bumper with Tire Carrier $800
4 Standard American Racing Rims $200
AEV lift and suspension (dual sport XT 2.5") $1800
overhead light for jeep interior $28
4 Smittybilt blk D-rings $50
Rampage taillight guards: $50
KC Hilites slimlites 100W $160
Grab Handles (pair) - $30
Dura last Gold Battery - 3 year warranty - $120
External lighting (by mirrors) -$180 (3)
Rancho Rock Gear Oil Pan Skid Plate - $125 (8)
Storage tray on dash ($15)
Dura last wipers ($16) 1/20/13
E-brake drop bracket ($30) 1/24/13
Billstein steering stabilizer ($90)
Wire loom on exposed wiring $30
SuperWinch LP10000 1/24/13- $400
Water-proof Winch cover - $20
4 new Toyo Open Country A/T 2
LT 315/75/R16 - $1200 (2/25/13) (@43,850 miles)
All-weather floor mats (4) - $35

TOTAL = $6669

I also have these parts ready to install:

Rugged Ridge Upper and Lower Control Arm Skid Plates - $140
Poison Spyder Evaporator skid plate - $130
Smittybilt SRC Rocker Guards - $300

TOTAL = $570

Any thoughts you might have would be SUPER helpful.

Harvctry27 05-02-2013 11:33 AM

Use Kelly Blue Book to get a base price then factor in how much you want for the parts and such that's what I would do.

milesperhr 05-02-2013 03:13 PM


Originally Posted by Harvctry27 (Post 3710483)
Use Kelly Blue Book to get a base price then factor in how much you want for the parts and such that's what I would do.

Good call, thanks

benjamin.allen 05-02-2013 07:57 PM

You won't get what you paid for the parts unfortunately you will be likely to get half. Question on your pricing though your aev lift you say 1800 where did that price come from. I ask because i have the same lift with the correction brackets and only paid half that

jkjeeper06 05-02-2013 09:35 PM

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Unfortunately selling modded vehicles is very hard to break even on the mods unless someone wants exactly the same mods you did which is a little unlikely. I'd say look up the NADA value(this is what dealers use now) and mark it up 1-3k. I'd mark it up 3k and just be ready to haggle some. Like Ben said, you can only count parts, not labor in your total cost. How it gets on doesn't matter, only what the kit is worth in the end. And I wouldn't include wear items like the battery or wipers, I would add tires tho obviously. The battery and wipers are just a perk

HAFICON 05-03-2013 04:12 PM

If you are looking at a newer jK stuff like bumpers will cary over.. If you are going to 2012 or newer then intake and stuff won't work but might look into keeping them or even selling the parts and putting stock back on.

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