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JGreer 05-02-2013 01:24 PM

Moving to 35s.. KM2s or T/A Kos??
Found a buyer for my 33" DuraTracs.. Now I need to pick out my 35s... I have 15" wheels so GY was out of the question. Give me some opinions. I live in Texas so snow isn't a big concern. I do some light-mild off-roading nothing crazy. The T/A KOs come in at 54 lbs while the KM2s are 61lbs. I have 3.73 gearing so I'm trying to keep weight down to hopefully avoid the desire of a re-gear. I have driven 35s with 3.73 and they seemed fine with the 3.6.. So what say the masses?!

And pics with either tire on 15" wheels would be awesome!

Thanks Y'all!

DjA 05-03-2013 03:50 PM

I'm making the same change next week. 33" duratracs to 35" Goodyear Wrangler MTR Kevlars. They're a bit cheaper than the KM2's, but also heavier at 66 lbs.

I'm also regearing to 4.56 from 3.73 though. I'm no expert by any means, but I don't think the weight is the primary reason to re-gear, so much as the amount of force needed to complete the longer rotation of the larger tires.

When I talked to my guy at the Jeep shop, he recommended going mud instead of all terrain since mine is a 3rd vehicle used pretty much solely for off-roading. If you're mostly on-road you're probably good with the All Terrains.

Discount Tire 05-03-2013 04:26 PM

If your Jeep sees a lot of street miles and moderate trails the TA KO will be a great tire for you. They wear really well and do great as for a DD.

The KM2 is also a great tire. These are awesome off road and still have good manors on the street. These will also give your Jeep the aggressive look most of us love.

Here's a set of 35" KM2's on a JKU from EJS 2010.. These are 35x12.50R17, jeep has a 4.5" lift

TheDesertOutlaw 05-04-2013 05:15 PM

41 Attachment(s)
I recently switched from 33" Interco TrXus MTs to 35" BFG AT/KOs and I have not yet regeared my Jeep. With 4.10 gears, and 4:1 low, the Jeep does real well on the trail and on the street. I plan to eventually gear to 4.88s, but for the meantime, I have been happy with my AT/KOs and their overall performance.

I'm not easy on my tires, but these have held up to my most recent 2 day Baja trail run. Here are a few pics where my AT/KOs held up with the KM2s in the mud and on the rocks. I was very impressed with their performance on the trail and their quiet manners on the street.

Crossing this mud/river crossing, I was sure that I would get stuck. I drove right through without breaking much traction (rear locker in use)

This is Russ driving through with his KM2s - mud/water over his hubs

The entire group was running either BFG AT/KOs or KM2s

We traveled a 2 day trail that claimed this Interco SSR

Lateral grip was very good with my AT/KOs - something I was concerned about on this trail

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