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timboburks 05-02-2013 07:19 PM

Headlight Upgrade
Pretty sure this topic has been beat to death. :deadhorse:

Looking to upgrade my headlights. I've searched the forums, but still don't have a clue. It appears some headlights are sealed and some support a replacement bulb. Also what is involved in installing a new wiring harness, unplug the old and plug in the new, or cutting and splicing.

Sorry if this is a beat down for some of you, but the more I look into the dumber I seem to get.


gbendezu 05-02-2013 08:06 PM

Okay let's go in order:
1. The ORIGINAL "headlights" for the jeep are actual bulbs themselves so these are what would be the SEALED headlights. These are usually cheaper. The ones that allow replacement bulbs would be what you would probably want if you want to upgrade. Hellas e-codes are a crowd favorite due to the cut pattern for the light. They use your standard h4 bulbs and you can upgrade them to HIDs Hella Lighting 002395031 - Hella E-Code (ECE) 7? Round H4 Headlamp Conversion - Quadratec

2. To change the harness it all depends as to how you're gonna go about it. If the connecting end is ruined, you would have to cut and splice a new one, if you're upgrading your accessory (ie your fog lights or headlights) the kit usually comes with a pigtail adapter that you plug into the existing harness and to the accesory AKA plug-n-play.

And as always with ANY electrical job, PLEASE disconnect your battery. 10 seconds of your life to not mess up your rig or electrocute yourself is a great deal. 12v is enough to do a number on you.

timboburks 05-02-2013 08:52 PM

Thanks for the reply. I feel like I am a little smarter than I was before.

clarkkent 05-02-2013 09:43 PM

Personally I would upgrade the housing, bulbs and wiring harness.

I would stick with halogen bulbs in a e-code glass housing. Some people put HIDs in halogen housings but then your light is gonna be in other peoples eyes and what not.

The new wiring harness you can buy or build yourself and will help get more juice to your new bulbs. is a good resource.

scot68 05-02-2013 10:10 PM

Yep.. :deadhorse:.
Check out they have quality Bosch E-code housings for $45.00 per pair (great deal). They also have quality bulbs for $4.00 each. Then RJM Injections or Susquehanna Motorsports for a complete plug and play harness.
I just did this upgrade a couple weeks ago and I'm very happy with the results for the amount of money spent. :thumb:

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