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Blue Rubicon 05-03-2013 10:05 AM

Front bumper removel help
Hey do you guys know what tools I need to remove the front bumper and to put on a poison spyder brawler bumper.

kramer2k 05-03-2013 10:39 AM

I have that bumper. It's a very easy installation, and made much easier if you remove the crash bar. It serves no purpose after you install the very robust PSC Brawler.

You'll just a need a simple socket set to remove the stock bumper. I can't remember the sizes. You remove the vanity cover on the top with a flat head screw driver. Remove the plastic cover by removing two nuts on each side of the bumper. The plastic reveals the tow hooks mounted to the frame rails. Remove those, again, with a socket wrench. Don't forget to unplug your fogs before dropping the plastic cover out of the way.

To remove the crash bar I used a reciprocating saw and then cleaned up the cuts with an angle grinder. Apply some paint to the bare metal for corrosion protection. Bolting the PSC bumper back on is even easier. You don't have to relocate the vacuum pump with this bumper. Some poeople relocate, but I chose to leave it since it wasn't in the way.

Simply tighten down 4 bolts to each frame rail end and plug in your fog lights and you're done.

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