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mike1158 05-03-2013 01:12 PM

My NEW seat sounds like an OLD box spring...
I have a 2013 JK Sahara.. its 1 month old..and my drivers seat creeks like an old box spring when i'm going over terain. Definately sounds like a"springy" sound...anyone else have this problem. PLease don't tell me its normal. I don't think is should have to turn up the radio to cover issues on a new $34,000 Jeep...that was an OK fix for my 85 CJ7 back in highschool...
My wife said "WD 40"... i said 'WD WARRANTY ! !"

mike1158 05-16-2013 10:36 PM

really? no one else had any problems like this ? ?

J33P4X4 05-16-2013 11:14 PM


Originally Posted by mike1158 (Post 3763833)
really? no one else had any problems like this ? ?

I do have the same issue on my 2013 JKS. Sounds like a 2$ mattress. I just haven't taken it in yet.

Blastek 05-16-2013 11:25 PM

This is a common problem on JKs. I put up with it for almost a year and then I cracked. Dealer replaced the seat base under warranty and the noise is gone. I had them write on the service note "sounds like an old couch." :)

RKracing 05-16-2013 11:29 PM

RECALL............... On our 2013 Rubicon 2 door they replaced the whole seat. There is some kind of a recall on the 2 idea on the JKU.

YAY69 05-16-2013 11:29 PM

1000 miles and mine is the same... I put it down to being on the heavy side and going over multiple "whoopies" at the beach. I doubt the dealer will do anything to help me

Blastek 05-16-2013 11:37 PM

legitposter 05-17-2013 12:11 AM

Do the seats even have springs in them? I don't think so, but im curious?

Also... I know this is personal... but are you guys heavy people?

Blastek 05-17-2013 12:19 AM


Originally Posted by legitposter (Post 3764158)
Do the seats even have springs in them? I don't think so, but im curious?

Also... I know this is personal... but are you guys heavy people?

yes, but not coil style. i could make mine squeak with one finger.

YAY69 05-17-2013 12:23 AM


Originally Posted by legitposter (Post 3764158)
Do the seats even have springs in them? I don't think so, but im curious?

Also... I know this is personal... but are you guys heavy people?

I am around 210 lbs and my seat began to squeak after hitting soft sand ruts that fully compressed the suspension. Now it squeaks whenever i enter or exit the jeep...

mike1158 05-17-2013 11:59 AM

Sounds like it might be time to contact the dealer...maybe i'll let it go 'til next oil change..(they owe me 10 free ones) and just got it all taken care of in one shot...

BTW.... I tip in at about 215...thats my story and i' stickin' to it ;)

TrueBlueJK 05-17-2013 12:24 PM

My pass seat squeaks like crazy when nobody is sitting in it.

pepatrick 05-17-2013 12:29 PM

Maybe I got lucky..My jeep was built in December of 2012 so maybe the guys were in a good mood..I have nearly 6000 miles on it and is still solid. When I hit a bump..its a solid thud and no squeaks or rattles. Honestly it seems more solid than many of the European cars I have owned.

44Blues 05-17-2013 12:29 PM

My 2010 drivers seat squeaks....fairly common annoyance.

lando76 08-07-2013 02:07 AM

2013 jk sport, driver seat squeaks like a rocking chair. Noticed there is slight play in the back upright when grabbing the back shoulder and moving it forward. The noise sounds like its coming from the rail area. Jeep has 3000 miles. Im not obese...:)

chisox711 08-07-2013 06:51 AM

When I get in and out it sounds horrible. No noise when I hit bumps and such, though.

BB1857 08-07-2013 07:50 AM

My drivers seat squeaks like an hourly motel mattress...i know there is supposed to be a recall but i have heard dealers will just try to lube the seat and call it fixed so i decided to try it myself. Sprayed some WD40 under there and the squeaks went away thankfully. They did come back after a few thousand miles so i will bring it up to them again next time i am in for one of my free oil changes.

hair2831 08-07-2013 08:01 AM

Mine did it for a day or so, but then it stopped. If it starts again or keeps up I'll definitely take it in. It was very annoying!

lando76 08-07-2013 05:38 PM

Does anyone have the tsb or recall number? The pdf attachment wont download on my phone for the service rep to reference, here now and he cant find anything off my vin. I told him it was a 2012 issue that has carried over to the 13s.

Scott2373 08-07-2013 06:26 PM

I just noticed how bad mine squeaks last night! Almost 6000 miles, so I'm glad I found this! The slightest shift, and it makes a TON of noise - just like the OP says, an old mattress!

mike1158 08-07-2013 09:07 PM

i took mine to the dealer, they said that the factory forgot to put some kind of grease on one of the tracks....? I gotta say I buy their story cuz it was "fixed" in about 10 minutes at the dealer....been fine since

lando76 08-08-2013 07:28 PM

They are ordering a whole new seat base for me. Not sure if that will fix it but we will see.

Lyric Rick 08-27-2013 03:24 PM

I have a 2013 Overland with 2000 on the clock. Drivers seat and backrest squeak badly. After 50 miles it is like Chinese water torture. Dealer has greased undercarriage but its no better.

MiMisJeep 11-07-2013 09:18 PM

I have a 2014 Shara and about 1000 miles the drivers seat squeaks like and old bed spring. Being a "big girl" I was embarrassed to ask the dealership but now after seeing all the posts on different forums I see there is a problem! One post said to raise the height of the seat off the lowest position and I did and it is not squeaking at all now.
Still think the I should take it to the dealer though in case there is a problem going on that will only get worse....

JK-linux 11-07-2013 09:23 PM

Took mine in to the dealer since I had a punch list of things to get fixed (below). The fix of the squeak by jacking up the seat one or two notches worked, but the seat would work itself back down and start squeaking again after even short 15 mile drives. The dealership ordered a new seat base/frame/whatever. It came in a week later and they replaced my seat - no more squeak... so far.

-They also replaced the weather seal around my back hardtop window - leaked when I ran the wiper during a good rain
-Replaced my IP and PW switches as they were sticking out/bowed in the center console and didn't seem to be attached to anything from behind.
-Replaced the arm that holds the rear tailgate open as it made a metallic scraping and the clunking sound when opened - think someone's kid must have been hanging off this tailgate while it was open on the dealer lot.
-All repairs completed and the vehicle seems good now. Just need them to get back to me on filling the holes in my weld seam where the rear of the Jeep attaches to the rear 1/4 panel by the gas hole.

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