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Keeks911 05-04-2013 02:27 AM

Short notice for Sand Lake/Pacific City 05-04-13
I know itís really late notice, but I am going to be in Pacific City/Sand Lake on Sunday. I have never been and I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions on where I should go, what trails to take etcÖ

If anyone is going to be at the coast on a forcast-idly beautiful day, Iíd love to go with other jeepers.

Iím not posting to head up any kind of ďrunĒ. I would just tag a long if someone else is going to be over there. I am still a newbie. Iím still learning all the basic technical stuff like airing down and when to use 4L or 4H.

I donít have much off road driving experience so I am just going to have fun and build a little confidence. Iíll most likely stick to the harder sand and maybe a couple of trails. Nothing crazy since Iíll be by myself (by myself as in a jeep group of one, at this point)

So, any trail suggestions, easy access to the beach or any sights we should see would be great. We are leaving Salem at about 9-930 and should be on the beach around noonish. Going to be a beautiful day over there and we just took the top off for the first time. I canít wait!!

(I will have a fire extinguisher, a safety flag, my recovery kit and a shovel. I also have a cb)

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