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Kevbz 05-04-2013 10:13 AM

Bounce some front end diagnosis off you
Recently I have noticed that there is a bit of some tire grab (it seems) when I take a turn. Its predominately on left turns. Almost, and using the phrase "almost" is far reaching, feels like 4HI...but It is not that drastic. I feel it most in the steering wheel, almost a slight binding.

I've gone over it in my head and really only think It can be one of three things.

First would be bad alignment, and the tires biting more....but i have not other bad alignment issues.

Second would be axle shaft U-joints grabbing at extreme turns, drivers feels good, passenger has a small amount of play, maybe a 32nd of slop. I've seen a lot worse, and it just passed its safety insp. a couple weeks ago, and they check that.

Third would be some binding action in the diff, like a locker, of which i do not have, its an open carrier d30.

anyone ever diagnose something of this nature? Obviously the cheap route would be to pop the diff cover and check it out and replace the u-joint and reevaluate...but what fun would that be on the forums?

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