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Rubicondriver72 05-04-2013 05:17 PM

Swirl marks with paint protection
OK... I just bought my first Jeep and also my first black ride, and yes... i was sucked into getting the paint protective coating (FinalSeal). Not knowing much about owning a black vehicle i thought i would be fine getting the 'hand-wash' at the car wash. Now I see swirl marks and they are making me nuts. The dealer told me not to wax over the protective coat or apply too much pressure to it when washing and drying it. I have been reading about how to get rid of swirl marks but I'm unsure how to proceed with this coating I wish I hadn't purchased. Someone here must have some insight.
Thank you.

Z-TJ 05-04-2013 05:28 PM

The paint protection is worthless, it's no more than an synthetic wax coating.

I would wash with Dawn dish soap (only to remove "coating"), you should only use the Dawn if you are waxing other wise use car wash soap.

Hand polish, and the apply Klasse high gloss sealant. This stuff shins and you can layer it. I put a layer on and let it sit over night and the remove apply another and let it sit over night, remove and use a detail spray. Your jeep will look brand new.,d.eWU

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